The Cape of Good Hope (喜望峰 Kibōhō?) is a spiritual item which is used by Necessarius to control its marine prisons.


The Cape of Good Hope in India is described as a floating giant cube, 70m across and made of a grey material that was not stone or steel. Panels and piping extend like scaffolding between the main building and the cube, extending and contracting as the cube rises and falls.[1]


The submarine prisons which are used to house magical criminals by Necessarius lack control rooms in order to prevent the prisoners from hijacking them. In order to control the course of the marine prisons used to house magical criminals, Necessarius has placed spiritual items called the Cape of Good Hope in positions covering the seven seas, which will remotely steer the prisons in the area.[1]

The Cape of Good Hope's size and range depends on the sea it covers, with the Indian Ocean's one being 70m across and having an effective range of over 9000km. The altitude of the floating cube depends on how far away the marine prison is.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: KanzakiEdit

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When one of the marine prisons was taken over by the prisoners, through the use of a spell relating to Naglfar, Kanzaki Kaori, the Jeans Shop Owner and the Tour Guide visited the Cape of Good Hope in India as part of their investigation. After the prisoners surrendered after witnessing Kanzaki's defeat of the Víðarr Shoes Woman, control was returned to the Cape of Good Hope.[1]


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