The Chandelier Auction House (シャンデリア Shanderia?) is an auction house operating in Academy City.[1][2]


A chandelier is a type of ornamental light fixture, consisting of multiple lamps in branched frames and usually large in size, invented in Medieval times and developed from the candelabra. The term is borrowed from Old French and is derived from the Latin candelabrum.


Chandelier offers a wide range of products, with a speciality in artwork and antiques. Known items include old manga manuscripts, the world's first sewing machine and instruments like the Stativari.[1]

Though Chandelier has a lot of advertisement online, the location of the physical auction house changes each time an auction takes place, and the corporate registration leads to a cheap apartment room. This arrangement is likely a safety measure to prevent theft and attacks, though Anti-Skill was apparent concerned about possible abuse of the system for money laundering.[1]

The only known member of Chandelier's staff is a polite gray-haired old man in a black suit with the airs of a butler.[2]


In the past year, Chandelier's sales prices grew by more than 50%, which the staff found odd as it did not seem as though sellers were hiring plants to inflate prices. This increase was connected to Blue Blood turning the auction house's products into 'keys' for the exclusive services it was hosting.[2][3] They became aware that someone was working their way into their business, but did not know who it was.[2]

At some point after Sakibasu Yuri entered her clique, Shokuhou Misaki introduced her to Chandelier, where she obtained the violin Stativarius Ainsel.[4]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS3Edit

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Following the family restaurant attack in the aftermath of the Stativarius Ainsel's loss in the violin contest, Misaka Mikoto and her friends decided to investigate Chandelier in search of clues after realizing that the violin might also function as a 'key' for certain hidden services.[5][1] Together with Sakibasu Yuri, they met with a representative of Chandelier in School District 6.[1][2] On being asked about the 'keys', the old man revealed how someone else unknown to him had attached this value to their products and worked their way into his business. While he couldn't hand over Chandelier's client list, he provided them with some hints under the pretext of talking to himself, leading them to look into the company involved in the Stativarius’s insurance policy.[2][6]


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