Charles Conder (チャールズ=コンダー Chāruzu Kondā?) is a keeper of the British Museum, and is the highest authority of Archaeology. He is in his late thirties in age, but in his profession he is still regarded as little more than a 'newbie', as in he has the skills but does not have the experience to back up his role quite yet.[1].


He appears as a middle-man, with a lean figure and has professional look on his person, wearing a suit to augment this, and has his brown hair combed back.


He presents himself in a dignified and professional manner. He greatly respects Laura as well as fear her due to her having great faith in her religion.[1]


He works in the British Museum as a keeper, where it is specifically stated that his job requires him to manage and restore items in the museum.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)Edit

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Charles appears near the end of the first half of the arc, here, he appears before Archbishop Laura Stuart to explain to her that the legend of the Stab Sword was false, and that the true nature of the artifact that Laura was talking about is called the St. Peter's Cross.[1]

British Royal Family ArcEdit

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Despite London turning into a battlefield, British Museum apparently survives, and is intact enough for Charles Conder to remain working. Under the orders of the Queen of England, Elizard, Charles Conder secretly works to prepare the Union Jack, a magic artifact that helps in turning the tide of war into the Queen and her allies' favor against Carissa.[2]


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