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Child Errors

Child Error (置き去り (チャイルドエラー) Okizari (Chairudo Erā)?, lit. "Desertion") is a term used to refer to children who for various reasons were abandoned by their parents or guardians in Academy City.[1] In layman's terms they are orphans that are residing within Academy City. Child Errors range from powerless Level 0s to higher leveled espers.


Academy City's response on Child ErrorsEdit

Like many modern cities, there are many orphanages such as Asunaro Park and the Advanced Education Department, built to provide care for children abandoned in Academy City, these facilities provide basic education to the children and probably many other necessities.[2]

However not all facilities were built in the pure effort on providing for the Child Errors, as with the case of the Child Errors overseen and taught by Kiyama Harumi, who from the very beginning knew that they were to be used in an experiment led by Kihara Gensei in developing the Crystallized Esper Essence under the pretense of it being relatively safe and harmless, the children were sent into an indefinite coma by the experiment, and were deprived of immediate medical assistance.[1] It is unknown how many other Child Error experiments are occurring within the city.

Apparently, Academy City seems to only be concerned that the now 'missing' parents/guardians are no longer paying tuition.[citation needed]

Future of Child ErrorsEdit

Like many orphans outside of Academy City, Child Errors are capable of attaining a better life.[3][4] However it is highly likely that Child Errors end up as members of Skill-Out gangs.


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Child Errors feature prominently in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. The Child Errors that are within Kiyama Harumi's care that have become comatosed is the catalyst of the events in the series. It allowed for the development of the Level-Upper by Harumi and the Crystalized Esper Essence developed by Gensei and Therestina and also the Poltergeist Incidents that occurred within the city.

Notable Child ErrorsEdit


  • There are some hints from Accelerator's past which may indicate that he used to be a Child Error, like his lack of attachment to his family name.
  • It is also suggested that Kinuhata Saiai was a Child Error due to her involvement in the Dark May Project same as Kuroyoru Umidori.


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