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Chioggia as depicted in Toaru Majutsu no Index II.

Chioggia (キオッジア Kiojjia?) is a coastal town and comune of the province of Venice in the Veneto region of northern Italy. It is to the west of the Adriatic Sea and is where Orsola Aquinas lived most of her life during her time with the Roman Catholic Church.[1]


It is 20 kilometers south of the main island of Venice. It's accommodations aren't cheap; the town lacks a night life, as all the shops in Venice close rather early.[2]

The town, like Venice, uses gondolas and ships on its canals, however, it doesn't contain tourist boats. Unlike Venice however, one can drive around in Chioggia.[2]


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Kamijou Touma lost in one lively thoroughfare of Chioggia.

Chioggia and Venice were originally competitive sea city states, and fought several times. However, due to war, politics, calamities, and other sorts of reasons the number of city states that were against Venice, like Chioggia, dwindled until Venice was the only one left.[2] Modern day Italy later emerged and had Chioggia under the the commune of Venice.

Apparently, at least one of the Roman Catholic Church's ice ships of La Regina del Mare Adriatico are somehow hidden deep beneath the narrow waters of the town.[1]

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