Christian Black Magic (対十字教黒魔術 (アンチゴッドブラックアート) Taijūji Kyō Kuro Majutsu?) is a term used to refer to any magic that has been formed out of distorting the reading of the doctrines that are found in the Holy Bible in order to justify the usage of magic.[1]


According to Agnese Sanctis, the practitioners of Christian Black Magic sieve through every word of the Bible from beginning to end, in order to find loopholes, backdoor tricks, and twist the teachings of Christianity.[1]

With her definition, any Christian who uses magic, for example like Stiyl Magnus, and even the entirety of Necessarius, can be considered practitioners of Christian Black Magic.


Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

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Agnese Sanctis references the term in order to show her distrust on magicians, specifically the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, just before the assault on Parallel Sweets Park.[1]

Although it can be assumed that it is a term that Agnese made up, neither Stiyl Magnus nor Index showed any sign of protest.


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