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Christmas in Academy City.

Christmas (クリスマス Kurisumasu?) is an annual holiday, primarily observed on December 25th. It is a Christian celebration, commemorating the birth of the Son of God, but the festival is also celebrated by many others across the world.



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Santa Claus[]

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Note for Trivia - Toaru Radio no Railgun, Saten and Reindeer

Santa Claus (サンタクロース Santakurōsu?) is a figure commonly associated with the modern-day Christmas. He is said to be a jolly old man in a red suit who secretly delivers presents for good children while they are sleeping on Christmas Eve, riding through the skies on a sleigh drawn by reindeer. The character of Santa Claus is derived from several figures, including St. Nicholas.

According to Leivinia Birdway, there is an organization known as the Nicholas Foundation (ニコラウス財団 Nikorausu Zaidan?), presumably a secret Magic Side organization related to Santa Claus, which she briefly mentioned when she mistook the child Fremea Seivelun's comment that she knows Santa Claus exists as a deliberate reference to the organization.[1] It is unknown whether the organization has an actual Santa Claus as Leivinia Birdway's reaction implies that the character Santa Claus exists. No other mention of the organization has been made since.


Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Daihasei Festival Arc[]

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The International Airport in School District 23 starts to shine like the decorative lights on a Christmas tree.[2]

Acqua of the Back Arc[]

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Even though it is September, Christmas cards from the all over England is arrived in the Lambeth Palace. It is briefly mentioned that the Archbishop will dress up as Santa Claus and visit forty-three children's welfare facilities.[3]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Homecoming Arc[]

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Leivinia Birdway mentioned the Nicholas Foundation when she mistook Fremea Seivelun's comment that she knows Santa Claus exists as a deliberate reference to the organization.[1]

Agitate Halation Arc[]

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St. Germain Arc[]

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Processor Suit Arc[]

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Coronzon Arc[]

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It is briefly mentioned that the Vatican runs a dedicated freight train to deliver Christmas cards sent from all over the world.[4]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Christmas Eve Arc[]

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GT1 - Tokiwadai, Touma, Operation Handcuffs,[5] Santa (costumes, catching kit)

Christmas Day Arc[]

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On Christmas Day, incidents were occurring around the world due to the magical knowledge distributed online by R&C Occultics (including the self-destruction of Anna Sprengel's collaborators).[7][8] The effects were particularly severe in Academy City, where hospitals were overwhelmed with casualties, suffering injuries from the rejection reaction from espers attempting magic (with a Christmas good luck charm ironically prominent among the causes).[9][10][11][12][13][14]

Operation Handcuffs Arc[]

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