Cinesic Evers (キネシック=エヴァーズ Kineshikku Evāzu?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is an old war veteran, and is the commander of the entire Trident PMC forces during the invasion of Hawaii.


In his first appearance, he is described as wearing an old-fashioned French military uniform for French officers. It can be presumed that Cinesic is of French nationality.[1]


Has shown great confidence in the Trident army, willing to sacrifice himself to allow for their mission to succeed. He has shown to care about his army as well, as he surrendered in order for them to attain a much better sentence if they would continue.[1]


Not much is known of Cinesic's life, it can be assumed that he was a high officer in the French navy and later lost his standing after having the failures of British Halloween shoved on him. Only later to be employed by Trident as commander of a part of its army, Roberto Katze comments that attend the position so quickly using normal means and asks if it he ceased control during the confusion of the war.[2]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

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For most the invasion, the commander remains hidden, directing the invading forces out of sight. It can be assumed that Roberto Katze could've known Cinesic Evers' whereabouts earlier, if he was not busy with other matters and could securely gain an upperhand against Trident. During the discovery that Lindy Blueshake is to be retrieved, Cinesic may have wanted to retrieve her for the purpose of controlling Olay Blueshake, their employer, from betraying them.

It is until not after Roberto Katze retrieved Lindy Blueshake, and regrouped with American troops commanded by Roseline Krackhart, that Roberto made a move against Cinesic, knowing that it would be a more ethical method in beating Olay's forces. Here, he is held at gunpoint by American forces, where Robert told them of the inevitable danger Trident and its allies and backer would face should they continue their invasion, specifically, extrajudicial punishments or actions that are against international codes. Cinesic was perturbed but later ordered all remaining forces to concentrate their attack on the Napali Coast, the sight of Saronia A. Irivika and Kamijou Touma's battle. Here, he gambles the future of the invasion with the outcome of the battle. This of course fails, as Touma beats Saronia, this forces Cinesic to negotiate the terms of their surrender to the United States of America.


  • (To Roberto Katze in NT3) "Saronia with her occult powers and your anti-occult personnel will face off. The victor there will show us who truly needs to withdraw."


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