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Cleaning robots

Cleaning robots, cleaning the streets of Academy City one can at a time.

A Cleaning Robot (掃除ロボ Sōji Robo?) is an automated cylindrical machine designed to clean the grounds of Academy City. It can be described as a mobile trashbin.

It can be found all over and only in Academy City. Like the Security robot, it is cylindrical in shape, and with it, it is one of the most noticeable features of the scientific advancement of the city. The cleaning robot is prominently used by Tsuchimikado Maika, who can often be found riding on top of one and controlling it.


It is cylindrical in appearance and is designed specifically to look like a metal container with rollers underneath for mobility. It has a small rectangular opening on its front for purposes unknown (probably for its camera and other input devices) and has exhaust vents on its back, which it uses for its small vacuum capability. Unlike the Security Robot, it is colored beige.

Other than the circular mop underneath, it has no other defining features, making it look relatively inconspicuous if standing still.

Unlike the security robots, it is rarely seen operating in small groups. Only five were deployed to A Certain High School men's dormitory.[1]

The cylinder is 80 cm in length and 40 cm in diameter.[2] The inside of cleaning robot is almost entirely hollow, providing enough space for a small child to fit while curled up.[3]



Toaru Kagaku no Railgun E17 15m 11s

Index on top of a cleaning robot.

Like the Security robot, the cleaning robot uses rollers underneath its body to move around. It has been shown to move around obstacles with ease, as it has a camera installed on it.[4]

It is implied that the cleaning robot has similar features to that of the Security robot, such as climbing over difficult terrain and operate elevators using infrared signals.[Notes 1]

The machine can also tilt slightly backwards, when trying to "consume" rubbish.[5]


Its main task is to clean the grounds of Academy City, though several can also be assigned to dormitories.[1] It has mops underneath it; to presumably brush the ground underneath it. More importantly, it is shown having the ability to suck rubbish to draw it in closer to it, so it would be easier to "consume" it, which it presumably stores in a receptacle inside of its body.[5]

It has also been shown to be quite relentless when cleaning, as shown when several cleaning robots in Kamijou Touma's dormitory building were trying to clean Index's blood after she was cut down by Kanzaki Kaori.[1]


  1. There are five Cleaning robots that operate in Kamijou Touma's dormitory, which would imply that it would at least know how to operate an elevator or move on a flight of stairs.



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