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Exterior of the Clone Dolly Workshop

Clone Dolly (才人工房クローンドリー Saijin Kōbō (Kurōn Dorī)?, lit. "Talented Person Workshop"), also known as the Clone Dolly Workshop is one of the purported rumors that the mysterious First Research Organization has. However, it was actually a true project being conducted in Academy City.[1]

Its third laboratory, Ideal (内部進化アイデアル Naibu Shinka (Aidearu)?, lit., "Internal Evolution"), was meant to raise and train girls to become a Level 5,[2] producing many candidates and eventually producing the 5th-ranked Level 5: Shokuhou Misaki.


According to rumor, the Imaginary Number District apparently has a cloning workshop that stores the DNA of great men and Saints from around the world and had analyzed their genetics to the point that they could create as many geniuses as needed at the push of a button.[3]

Although the existence of the First Research Organization has been disproven, due to the fact that Imaginary Number District is not a research facility, it is certainly not out of the question for Academy City to produce clones with a touch of a button, such as the Sisters Project, despite international laws banning human cloning.[4]

The project was originally based in a building in School District 2, however, after discovering Shokuhou Misaki's Mental Out ability, the researchers decided that it would be faster to brainwash great men instead of creating them. As such, the Exterior Project was initiated in the same location.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

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In a flashback to her past, Shokuhou Misaki the 5th Level 5, recalls on how a scientist speaks on how their goal, the Clone Dolly Workshop, is the crystallization of their wishes, and that it is inextricably tied to the Exterior Project Misaki is in.[5] It is later revealed by Misaki that the Clone Dolly was the predecessor project of the Exterior Project prior to discovering her ability, at which point chose to focus their attention on brainwashing great men instead of creating them.[1]


  • The term "Clone Dolly" might have originated from the cloned sheep Dolly, which was known as the first cloned sheep, and as the most famous cloned animal in existence.



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