Crepe RABLM open for business.

Crepe Rablm (らぶるん?), stylized as Crepe RABLM, is a crepe stand located in the Fureai Plaza (ふれあい広場?) of Academy City on 7th Street. It is on a walking path lined with trees through the city with a street and large buildings on each side.


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Level Upper ArcEdit

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On July 16, Misaka Mikoto met with Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko for the first time due to Uiharu's request to Shirai Kuroko to meet one of the famous Level 5s of Tokiwadai Middle School. Mikoto suggested they go to an arcade after finding that Kuroko was planning to use Uiharu as an excuse to seduce her. On their way to they walked by a person handing out flyers to Crepe Rablm, a newly opened crepe stand. The flyer mentioned that the first 100 customers at the stan would receive a free Gekota mascot as a present. Due to this, Mikoto, Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten ended up going to the crepe store after noticing Mikoto was interested.

They found the area quite crowded with a large line of people waiting at Crepe Rablm. After waiting in line for some time Saten ended up receiving the last of the Gekota mascots and gave it to Mikoto after noticing how depressed she was that she would not get one. After buying some crepes they proceeded to eat them on a nearby bench. One type of crepe that the store sells is one with natto and fresh cream topping which Kuroko purchased. The group then noticed that Isobe Bank across the street had all of its security shutters closed before an explosion occurred, prompting Kuroko and Uiharu to do their jobs as members of Judgment.[1]

In the manga the scene differs slightly as Saten is not introduced until several chapters later and Uiharu just happened to bump into Kuroko and Mikoto near the stand.[2]

Poltergeist ArcEdit

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Crepe Rablm is featured again when Saten and Mikoto where spending their day with their new friend, Haruue Erii. They buy crepes and discuss the recent earthquakes that are occurring in the city.[3]


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