Crow 7 (クロウ7 Kurō 7?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion, as a member of the Black Crow Unit under Shutaura Sequenzia.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He appears as a tall and well-built young man. He has brown hair styled to sweep to the back of his head. Like all members of the Black Crow Unit he wears a form-fitting skin suit.

Background[edit | edit source]

He joined the Black Crow Unit, and like all others, have become charmed[1] of Shutaura and her ideology in the cause of maintaining order in the city.[2]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion[edit | edit source]

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He is first seen when the Black Crows are deployed in protecting Meigo Arisa as she does a photoshoot inside a mall. He is the one to report to Shutuara that bombs have been set-up in the mall, and is told by Shutaura to evacuate Arisa and the others. The bombs however detonate, but due to a miracle caused by Arisa, he and the others are saved.[3]

Crow 7 briefs Shutaura on the current events regarding Endymion.

After Ladylee Tangleroad captures Arisa and then throws Shutaura in a room after she is told by her regarding the true purpose of Endymion. He and the other Black Crows hack into the security system of Endymion in order to seal it from being infiltrated by other people. However, he and the others remain loyal to Shutaura. It is he who arrives and springs Shutaura free apologizing for their lateness. Their, he reports to Shutaura on Ladylee's whereabouts and status and on how Anti-Skill has already arrived. Shutaura later boards the underground emergency high-speed elevator of the Endymion, intending to do it alone and telling him not to have anyone else come up.[3]

He and the other Black Crows witness the Miracle of Endymion. Looking up to the sky, he mutters "captain" indicating that he believes that it is his captain that is doing the miracle.[3]

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