The Current Manipulation Spell (海流操作魔術 Kairyū Sōsa Majutsu?) is a magic spell that allows for the user to manipulate water currents for high speed swimming.


Toaru Majutsu no Index II E01 21m 54s

The Knights of England arriving in Japan after swimming from England.

Apparently passed down by Saint Blaise, it was a high-speed swimming spell that allowed a human to swim around the world in only three days. With simple calculation, the spell boasts a speed of 555.6 kilometers (300 knots) per hour. It is casted on the user's body. It was used by the Knights of England to allow them to swim from England to Japan, apparently non-stop. The spell also allows the user not to drown if they have fainted.[1]

Because of its religious origins, it can be assumed that even members of the Anglican Church can use it as well.


Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

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It is used by the Knights of England to swim from England, pass the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, acroos the Indian Ocean, and into Japan.

They are later defeated by Kanzaki Kaori, and despite falling unconscious, she has no worry about them drowning due to the spell.[1]


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