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Cutia Virginroad (キュティア=バージンロード Kyutia Bājinrōdo?), initially referred to as the young wife in glasses (メガネの若奥様 Megane no Waka Okusama?), is a member of Necessarius, introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 20.[1][2]


Cutia is merely described as a smiling young wife in glasses.[1]


Cutia is affectionate towards Alps, her weapon/pet.[1] She usually speaks in a drawn-out carefree way, though she will dispense with it and show her true face if the situation requires it.[2]


Cutia's background is largely unknown, though she and Ange Catacombs have apparently acquired enough of a negative reputation for their particular skills that they cannot be deployed to other countries.[2]


Coronzon Arc[]

Main article: Coronzon Arc

During the invasion of the United Kingdom by the Crowley's Hazards, while the enemy force was attacking the Strait of Dover, Cutia joined up with Nics Everblind and Ange Catacombs at Westminster Abbey before heading out.[1]

The trio were assigned to protect the British Royal Family on their journey to Scotland and subsequently were forced to face the reproduced Golden Dawn. When Mathers caught up to them, Cutia's saw acted against Belzébuth's threads to protect its master. After Riméa briefly interrupted Mathers, Cutia attempted to use her saw but it shattered against Mathers' strength. Her subsequent attempt to use the noose was turned back on her by Brodie-Innes, creating a red cube beast which attacked her. She was saved from falling by Ange, who used her suitcases to dispose of the beast and act as footholds, but the two took their attention off Mathers in the process and were nearly caught by his flames, saved only by the arrival of Kamijou Touma.[2] As Touma moved to face Mathers, Ange and Cutia were left behind as the suitcases they were riding slowed down.[3]

Kamijou Arc[]

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Cutia, Nics and Ange, were among the Anglicans present at Windsor Castle when a party was held to celebrate Coronzon's defeat following the attack on the Queen Britannia and were subsequently involved in the battle arising from the events which transpired.[4]


Cutia specializes in using combinations of noble blood and execution tools.[4] She has an animated weapon on a thick leash which she calls Alps (あるぷすちゃん Arupusu-chan?). It is a large, red and rusty circular blade similar yet different to a carpenter's circular saw. It is based on the idea that impurities can gain special powers when transformed, just as mandrakes are believed to grow from a criminal's bodily fluids, and this one can be thought of as a collection of sword rust. With decapitation being historically used for executing nobles in Britain, the weapon is packed full of the grudges of royal and privileged.[1] The leash, a thick rope with a large loop at the end, symbolizes the noose used in hanging.[2] Much like a dog, Alps can struggle against its leash and not listen to its owner.[1] It can also act by itself in order to protect its master.[2]

During her encounter with the reproduced Golden Dawn, Cutia made use of two incantations, though her spells were thwarted by her enemies before their effects could be seen:

  • With her saw, she used the incantation; "Oh, pure saints whose thoughts remain even after your unsullied flesh and blood were scattered in death. Raise your voices, entangle yourselves with the approaching attacks, and redirect them from within to prevent disaster!!". However Mathers' strength was too much for the saw, causing it to shatter.[2]
  • With the rope leash, she used the incantation; "Hanging is a merciless execution. The rope which tortured so many sinners at the will of the gathered crowds is a tool of bondage and release. Watch from the depths of your slumber, foolish descendants who have forgotten the meaning of those many deaths. Bind your souls and do not allow your leaders to succumb!!". This attempt was turned back on her by Brodie-Innes, resulting in the creation of a four-legged beast, attached to the lead and crudely constructed from blood-red cubes, which proceeded to attack her.[2]



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