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Daedalus Sequenzia (ディダロス=セクウェンツィア Didarosu Sekuwentsia?) is a posthumous character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion. Although dead before the start of the events of the movie, he casts a shadow upon his daughter, whose character arc revolves around his death.


Daedalus' name derives from the Greek mythological character of the same name, who constructed two pairs of wings out of wax and feathers so his son Icarus and him could use them to try to fly.


As he piloted a crippled spaceplane in the vacuum of space, he showed steadfast determination to save the plane and everyone onboard despite being abandoned by his co-pilot.[1]


Daedalus was the pilot for the commemorative test flight of the Orion, and had his daughter as a passenger. As they were in space and returning the spaceplane's left engine caught fire, making it for difficult for Daedalus and his co-pilot to control the plane. Despite this, Daedalus refused to give up even after his co-pilot was consumed by despair, and left him alone in the cockpit.[1]

And thus, Shutaura Sequenzia made her "wish" there to have a miracle. According to Aleister Crowley Shutaura Sequenzia's "wish" for a miracle to happen on that plane, the Orion Spaceplane, changed her perception, which coincided with everyone else's wishes to be safe, inducing a distortion powerful enough to interfere with the laws of causality. It is implied that Daedalus' efforts to save the plane are what gave Shutaura's "wish" for a miracle enough time to occur. The latter is backed up by Kamijou Touma's speech to Shutaura, referencing on how it was her father that allowed for the miracle to happen.[1]

Regardless, and as if a toll for the miracle, Daedalus died a bloody death, but the spaceplane made a successful landing on School District 23.[1] His body was most likely taken by the paramedics arriving at the scene, leaving only his hat on the pilot seat, as false reports indicate that all 88 passengers and crew survived. His efforts and his tragic death is later kept secret by Ladylee Tangleroad as the Miracle of 88 has already become a buzzword. But doing so broke Shutaura's heart and made her despise the concept of miracles.[2]

His hat is later given to Shutaura, keeping it with her in her living quarters.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

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Daedalus' death and the conspiracy behind it to keep the illusion that everyone survived in the Orion incident draws a shadow upon Shutaura's character.

In the end of the movie, Touma explains to her that miracles exist because people like Daedalus never gave up, and that she killing Meigo Arisa, the extra passenger of the Orion, would step all over her father's memories. Later, Shutaura manages to recall what had transpired on that fateful day as Daedalus try to back control of the spaceplane and she wishes for a miracle to happen and as compensation to take away the things she cared for.[1]

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  • (To co-pilot, from the Endymion movie): "Don't give up! There's still something we can do!"



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