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Smoke billows out of the dome of Dangai University's database center during Skill-Out's attack.

Dangai University (断崖大学 Dangai Daigaku?, lit. "Cliff University") is a university in Academy City.


It houses a database center which has a large amount of information on programs dealing with AI and operational software. The database center is adjacent to University itself but is nearly two times bigger. It is a large 50 meter dome-shaped building with a number of rectangular structures around it. All of its data is backed up over Academy City's network. The center is also equipped with an automatic firefighting system and an automatic reporting system in case of a damage or crime.[1]


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Skill-Out UprisingEdit

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Dangai University Database Center attackEdit
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Misaka Misuzu once visited the database center to retrieve some information that could only be found in it for a report for her college.[2] She was also considering taking Misaka Mikoto away from Academy City due to the ever increasing possibility of war occurring. Due to this an attack was ordered on her by Academy City as they did not want to have one of their Level 5 Espers leaving the city. This led to both Accelerator and Kamijou Touma battling Skill-Out within the database center.[3][4][5]


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