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The Dark Side of Academy City (学園都市暗部 Gakuentoshi Anbu?) refers to the criminal underworld of Academy City. Reaching to the very top of the city's administration, as stated, it is often engaged in criminal enterprises, such as human experimentation, espionage, and assassinations.

Much of the science side story lines is concerned with the characters' struggle against the Dark Side of Academy City. Indeed, an entire story cycle is dedicated to this premise. The name refers to the contrasting image of what the Academy City wants to portray, a technologically advanced city filled with students wanting to become espers.

After the events of World War III, though many factions from the dark side have been forced to disband, this part of Academy City still exists.


Origins and evolution[]

The origins of the Dark Side of Academy City apparently evolved out of the need for the higher-ups of the city to have more security to protect the city's assets like the various research institutions. Officially, it is Anti-Skill that guards the security of the city, however, due to the powers of espers, as well as the developed military technology of the city, the organization's structure and equipment with dealing with them has been weakened. This "Darkness" fills the role of security where Anti-Skill cannot provide. People from the Darkness provide protection and security to important people and the various research institutions. This is born from the members of the Board of Directors and other important persons hiring personal bodyguards as well as companies and research facilities hiring private armies. The people the Darkness hire are composed by a variety of people, from individuals with esper powers and special abilities, to failed students or persons who are selected for a specific purpose.[1] An example of the latter would be Accelerator, who is "recruited" under duress by the Group liaison to work for Group. Though each organization and the personnel in them has their own quirks and skills, somehow or another each of them has a dark past behind them.[1] The form of the Darkness as seen in the story's first year has several factions working for the city against one another such as Group and Member, as well as factions opposed to the city itself like Skill-Out and Block.

Apparently, factions from the Darkness such as Item are all known to Aleister Crowley, and can be controlled by him.[1]


Much if not all operations done within the dark side of Academy City is done in secret. This attribute has likely contributed to the unique subculture of the dark side of Academy City. An example of this unique culture is that those who have been sold into an organization can be hunted down by others if they attempt escape, as with the case with Nunotaba Shinobu.[2] Another is with Tsuchimikado Motoharu's apparent "execution", where it is revealed that when agents of the dark side are convinced that someone is executed and dead, they will not go after that person again because they have convinced themselves as it is an etiquette of the dark side.[3]

Espers are either used for experimental purposes or are recruited to the dark side of Academy City. Notable examples of this are Accelerator[4] and Kinuhata Saiai,[5] both were used for experiments in their younger days and later become operatives in the "Darkness" using their powers to aid their organizations. As the Board of Directors are involved, both Judgment and Anti-Skill are often powerless when it comes to dealing with the forces of the dark side, often with the higher-ups meddling through sheer bureaucracy and red-tape or the withholding of vital information. An example of this is when Anti-Skill is unable to enter Dangai University's Database Center during Skill-Out's attack of it.[6] A triumphant example of this is with STUDY, using their company to fund their operations.

Money is still a powerful motivator for organizations however. Factions such as Item[7] and Scavenger[8] are paid for the missions they successfully complete. However, there exists organizations that are in the "Darkness" out of principle such as Disciplinary Action, in their quest for justice in the city, and Komaba Ritoku's Skill-Out, gathering armed Level 0s to oppose abusive espers, can be found.


Old Item

Shiage during his time as member of Item's subordinate organization, acting as a hapless gofer for the girls.

What seems to be the difference between petty gangs like the ones led by Okahara Ryouta, Elder Sister, or the ones that Misaka Mikoto deals with and the factions in the "Darkness" is that they are far organized than them or at least have some connections with powerful people in Academy City. Indeed, even Skill-Out factions such as that of Komaba Ritoku's are organized enough to become a threat to Academy City,[9] had caches of money for their operations,[10] and after the death of Ritoku,[11] was tasked by Academy City itself for the assassination of Misaka Misuzu.[12] Even though in many cases, the Skill-Out "Darkness" are not fully informed of the work they do. Regardless, Skill-Out is used from things such as temporary staffing to things that are illegal like human trafficking.[1] Even Big Spider had connections with the outside allowing them to procure weapons, as well as in the inside that allowed them to use Capacity Down from Therestina Kihara Lifeline.[13]

As for the factions that work for Academy City, they usually receive official names as designations,[14] not chosen by them,[15] but if the team is not considered "first rank" through unknown qualifications, they receive nicknames instead, as with Scavenger. The organizations are usually composed of field operatives, a mediator, and a large support staff. The most well-known setup for this is that there are four field operatives that answer to a mediator or a liaison with the higher-ups and a large staff that supports them during missions. Mediators or liaisons are often shown as mysterious men on the phone, acting as an in-between for the higher-ups,[16] maintaining the confidential nature of their operations.[1] An exception of this is Member's Kouzaku Mitori, who also acted as a field operative and made contacted the members in-person. After the revelation that she worked for Kihara Gensei in order to use Member for his own gains,[17] Member begins operating on its own without a liaison.

As for the support staff or subordinate organization, they perform numerous tasks, from menial labor such as transporting prisoners,[18] corpses (including members of the field operatives),[19] to complex background work such as the technical department which supports the organization by giving the members useful technical aid.[20]

A unique faction within the "Darkness" is the Hound Dog, which is controlled by Aleister Crowley,[1] and is a more like a military unit.

Prior to the events of World War III, if Group is anything to go by, it is implied that there is no way out of the organization other than dying. Motoharu says to Accelerator that if he followed the rules laid out by the Board of Directors then they will not let him out. He says that the organization is made so they profit no matter what happens.[19] Still, it is likely incarceration can allow people to escape the "Darkness", however, people can still recruited even there, this is exemplified by Kouzaku Mitori being used by Kihara Gensei. Indeed, there are rumors that students from the Reformatory will suddenly disappear for reasons unknown, specifically high level espers or excellent students. When the guards report it, they are waved off and ignored. It is believed that Academy City makes some deal with the students and then release them in secret, and it may be more convenient to pass some of the missing off as dead.[21]


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Toaru Anbu no Item[]

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Known Individuals and Factions[]

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Name Status Affiliation Details
Accelerator Alive Group (Formerly)

Academy City Board Chairman
Acid Alive Blue Blood
Aishima Hitomi Alive White Alligator
Aizono Mio Alive White Alligator
Aleister Crowley Alive Academy City Board Chairman (Formerly)
Amai Ao Deceased Sisters Project (Formerly)

Level 6 Shift Project (Formerly)

Asociacion de Ciencia
Amano Kaguya Alive Academy City Board of Directors
Anjou Haruka Deceased Spider Queen (Formerly)
Aoumi Karei Deceased
Aritomi Haruki Alive
Baba Yoshio Alive Member (Formerly)
Benizome Jellyfish Alive
Block Liaison Unknown Block (Formerly)
Caines Deceased Hound Dog
Catherine Hardclass Alive White Alligator
Chef Alive Full Course
Controller (コントローラ Kontorōra?) Deceased A man who used personal information and fictitious bills to threaten girls and trap his targets in digital chains. Killed by Frillsand #G while heading for the Vanishing Tunnel on December 25th.[24]
Counselor Alive Blue Blood
Crow 7 Alive Black Crow Unit
Dennis Deceased Hound Dog
Depart Deceased
Drencher Kihara Repatri Deceased Kihara Family
Elder Sister Alive
Engineer Alive Blue Blood
Etzali Alive Group (Formerly)
Flare (フレア Furea?) Deceased An individual who left behind harmless powder identical to certain real substances to confuse criminal investigations. Killed by Frillsand #G while heading for the Vanishing Tunnel on December 25th.[24]
Francisca Obidos Alive White Alligator
Frenda Seivelun Deceased Item (Formerly)
Frillsand #G Active Drencher Kihara Repatri
Fugan Ryuuzou Alive
Garan Kyouji Deceased
Go Hazime Deceased Produce
Gokusai Amazora Alive
Gokusai Kaibi Alive School (Formerly)
Gokusai Rikuri Alive
Group Liaison Unknown Group (Formerly)
Hamazura Shiage Unknown Skill-Out (Formerly)

Hanakawa Hinadori Alive Blue Blood
Hanatsuyu Kaai Alive
Hanatsuyu Youen Alive
Hattori Hanzou Alive Skill-Out
Hebitani Tsuguo Alive
Big Spider (Formerly)
Helmeted Woman Unknown
Hikami Ryougo Deceased
Hikoichi Alive Skill-Out
Hishigata Mikihiko Deceased Produce (Formerly)
Hyoudou Maki Alive White Alligator
Iizumi Rita Alive Scavenger
Ilenia Sagileska Alive White Alligator
Imagawa Shiguma Deceased Spider Queen (Formerly)
Innai Chigiri Alive
Inoue Kasha Alive Blue Blood

Item Liaison Unknown Item (Formerly)
Kaizumi Tsugutoshi Alive Academy City Board of Directors
Kakine Teitoku Unknown School (Formerly)
Kanmi Eiga Alive Level 6 Shift Project (Formerly)
Kasasagi Alive
Kawamo Ryuubi Alive White Alligator
Keitz Nokleben Alive Level 6 Shift Project (Formerly)

Shokuhou Misaki
Kihara Amata Deceased Kihara Family
Kihara Byouri Deceased Kihara Family
Kihara Enshuu Unknown Kihara Family
Kihara Gensei Unknown Kihara Family
Kihara Hasuu Deceased Kihara Family
Kihara Heikin Deceased Kihara Family
Kihara Kagun Deceased Kihara Family
Kihara Nayuta Alive Kihara Family
Kihara Noukan Alive Kihara Family
Kihara Ransuu Unknown Kihara Family
Kihara Souji Deceased Kihara Family
Kihara Yuiitsu Unknown Kihara Family
Kinuhata Saiai Alive Item
Kochonwon Alive White Alligator
Komaba Ritoku Deceased Skill-Out
Konoha Yayoi Alive White Alligator
Kosako Shunichi Alive
STUDY (Formerly)
Kouzaku Mitori Alive Member (Formerly)

Shokuhou Misaki
Kumokawa Seria Alive Kaizumi Tsugutoshi
Kuromatsu Takao Deceased Spider Queen (Formerly)
Kuroyoru Umidori Alive Freshmen
Kurozuma Wataru Alive
Big Spider (Formerly)
Kusakabe Yumi Alive Level 6 Shift Project
Ladybird Terminated Kihara Hasuu
Lulu Alive Hound Dog
Madarame Kenji Alive
STUDY (Formerly)
Maidono Hoshimi Alive Neoka Norito
Manabe Ritsuki Alive DA
Management Deceased
Maruiwa Kurumi Alive White Alligator
Matsuo Ryuusuke Deceased L.S.S.
Matsusada Alive, Hibernating Agitate Halation Project
Member Liaison Unknown Member (Formerly)
Mike Deceased Hound Dog
Mogari Takumi Alive DA
Mugino Shizuri Alive Item
Musujime Awaki Alive Group (Formerly)
Nakimoto Rizou Alive Academy City Board of Directors (Formerly)
Nakimoto Rizou's Secretary Alive Academy City Board of Directors
Nancy Decreased Hound Dog
Neoka Norito Alive Academy City Board of Directors (Formerly)
Nishio Deceased DA
Noriko Alive Disciplinary Guides
Nunotaba Shinobu Alive Level 6 Shift Project (Formerly)

STUDY (Formerly)
Olaf Alive Hound Dog
Olosun Alive White Alligator
Orson Alive Hound Dog
Professor Deceased Member
Raidou Yuuko Alive White Alligator
Rensa 28 Alive Yakumi Hisako
Rensa 29 Alive Yakumi Hisako
Rod Deceased Hound Dog
Sakasama Yuri Alive White Alligator
Saku Tatsuhiko Unknown Block
Sakuragi Naruha Alive Scavenger
Sakurai Jun Alive
STUDY (Formerly)
Sakurazaka Fuuga Alive
Saraku Alive Member (Formerly)
Sarizawa Saya Deceased
Scavenger Liaison Alive Scavenger
School Boy Deceased
School Liaison Unknown School (Formerly)
Seike Taroumaru Alive Scavenger
Sejou Aika Alive White Alligator
Sekimura Hirotada Alive
STUDY (Formerly)
Shiokishi Unknown Academy City Board of Directors
Shirokabe Renka Alive White Alligator
Shundou Toshizou Deceased Clone Dolly Ideal
Shutaura Sequenzia Alive Black Crow Unit
Silvercross Alpha Deceased Freshmen
Spider Queen Alive
Stephanie Gorgeouspalace Alive Anti-Skill
Sugitani Alive Shiokishi
Sunazara Chimitsu Alive School (Formerly)
Suzunari Yuuhi Alive White Alligator
Takitsubo Rikou Alive Item
Tamezou Alive
Big Spider
Tao Alive Full Course
Teshio Megumi Alive Block
Tetsu Alive Skill-Out
Tetsumou Alive Block
Therestina Kihara Lifeline Alive
Kihara Family
Thomas Platinaburg Decreased Academy City Board of Directors
Tobio Mami Alive Full Course
Toomine Kanari Decreased Clone Dolly Ideal
Tsuchimikado Motoharu Alive Group (Formerly)
Tsurigane Saryou Alive Kouga School (Formerly)
Vacuum Piece Deceased
Valart Signal Alive Academy City Board of Directors
Vera Deceased Hound Dog
Vivana Oniguma Deceased
Wajiku Kobina Alive White Alligator
Wanigawa Raifu Alive
Xochitl Alive Member (Formerly)
Yakumaru Itsuki Alive Scavenger
Yakumi Hisako Academy City Board of Directors
Yamakawa Alive Mitsuari Ayu
Yamate Deceased Block
Yoake Sayori Alive White Alligator
Yobou Banka Deceased School (Formerly)
Yokosuka Alive Aihana Etsu
Yosegi Misato Alive White Alligator
Yoshikawa Kikyou Alive Level 6 Shift Project (Formerly)
Yumesaki Saibi Alive White Alligator
Yumiya Rakko Deceased School (Formerly)


Name Status Affiliation Details
Academy City Board of Directors Active
Big Spider Disbanded
Black Crow Unit Unknown Ladylee Tangleroad
Block Disbanded
Blue Blood Unknown, likely dismantled
Concierge (コンシェルジュ?) Hideout providers. Killed by Frillsand #G while heading for the Vanishing Tunnel on December 25th.[24]
Criminal Real Estate (黒い不動産 Kuroi Fudōsan?, lit. "Black Real Estate") [25][26]
Disciplinary Action Defunct
Disciplinary Guides Disbanded
Freshmen Unknown
Full Course Disbanded
Group Disbanded
Hound Dog Unknown
Human Bike Delivery Service
Item Active
Kihara Family Active
L.S.S. Unknown
Member Disbanded
Mutual Acquaintance (共通の知り合い Kyōtsū no Shiriai?)

An odd-jobs service for the entertainment industry, specializing in cleaning up trouble (e.g. witnesses to misdeeds, the aftermath of accidental murder etc) for individuals in the industry before the media could learn of it and ruin their careers. They worked out of a stunt agency, granting them access to TV stations. Had access to at least three small and expensive egg-shaped helicopters along with firearms.[27]

Wiped out by Item on August 3rd one year before the main story, when Item were hired to kill idol Hatsuhane Sarari, who had hired Mutual Acquaintance to kill another idol who had witnessed her steal some charity cupcakes.[27]

Scavenger Active
Secret Express (シークレットエクスプレス?) Couriers. Killed by Frillsand #G while heading for the Vanishing Tunnel on December 25th.[24]
School Disbanded
Skill-Out Active
Spark Signal Unknown
STUDY Disbanded


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