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Dawn-Colored Sunlight (明け色の陽射し Akeiro no Hizashi?) is a magic cabal led by Leivinia Birdway. Their goal is to eliminate the distinction and separation between the Science Side and the Magic Side, then rule over both of these sides.[2]


The Dawn-Colored Sunlight is stated to be a guard against organizations who wields great power and controls a large number of people, keeping an eye on these influential forces.[3] In the past the group went under a different name, but took the current one to infiltrate the Golden Dawn magic cabal that was set up by the famous magician Aleister Crowley as one of the affiliated sub-groups, and their loyalty is currently only with Birdway. They are also known to cause damage in 10 areas for the sake of a single goal as well as apparently doing inhuman things to Necessarius in the past.[4] They have a very large personnel network that is not only concentrated in England but are scattered all over the world.[5]

It is considered one of the leading and most powerful magic cabals in England and the whole world to the point that they can stand on the same level as representatives of entire nations.[6] It is the largest Golden-style cabal in Europe.[1]

Due to the organization becoming more like one of the cabals from "Golden Dawn," Dawn-Colored Sunlight specializes in constructing sanctuaries and harnessing large amounts of Telesma to conduct large-scale powerful magic.[citation needed]


Leivinia regarding her subordinates as "small gears" within a larger plan

The Dawn-Colored Sunlight is led by Leivinia. As the leader, she set magicians from the Dawn-Colored Sunlight around her sister Patricia to watch and protect her because even though she is not directly involved with the cabal, she is valuable in areas related to the cabal.[7]

Though their organization is large, they divided up their assets as much as possible and gathered only the necessary things and people at one of their bases when they were needed to perform some kind of ceremonial magic. These bases were not strange secret lairs. Instead, they were apartments or other kinds of rented rooms.[8]

The Dawn-Colored Sunlight is at odds with various organizations, including Necessarius, New Light, and GREMLIN.[9][10][11]


Originally it wasn't a magic cabal like they are now. The organization existed before the world was split into the Science side and the Magic side. Even the name "Dawn-Colored Sunlight" is not their organization's original name. The Dawn-Colored Sunlight originally existed to investigate those who stand above other people, and study the charisma and qualities of such people. They wanted to document all that and eventually use the knowledge to rule above everyone else. It's like a form of world domination. Then came the "Golden Dawn" - the biggest magic cabal in England in the 19th Century. To their organization, the way the Golden Dawn stood above the people was a miracle. They decided to sneak in as part of them and investigate them from the inside. Over time, their organization became more and more like magic cabals. Their current objective is to eventually regain their old power and rule over the world they are in right now.[12]


Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

British Royal Family Arc[]

Main article: British Royal Family Arc

Their leader, Leivinia Birdway was one of the listeners whom Queen Elizard reached using the Union Jack. Despite the war raging outside, Leivinia tells Mark Space not to get involved with it. Mark tells her that this could be their chance to analyze Curtana, but Leivinia replies that if they tried anything, it will only anger the Queen, reiterating that they need to stay out of it and under the radar. Mark Space notifies that Patricia has already left looking quite excited, to which Leivinia orders Mark to get her back.[13]

World War III Arc[]

Main article: World War III Arc

During World War III, the group helped defend the French and UK military from Fiamma's global 'cleansing', saying they'll help since they don't want to rule over a wasteland when they take over the world.[2]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Homecoming Arc[]

Main article: Homecoming Arc

Though not mentioned by name, Kamijou Touma states that they were the ones who saved him after he dealt with Archangel Gabriel.[14]

Magic God Othinus Arc[]

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

They took part in the "G14 Meeting" (which is actually a meeting about an allied attack plan against GREMLIN) with the other allied nations via phone call with their boss Leivinia Birdway as their representative.[6]

Later on, Leivinia contacted the whole organization to gather votes for a certain swimsuit shop (50% Less Skin Covered) that she wants to go to as a counter to Kamijou's proposal to go for the other swimsuit shop (Tropical Bright Girl) instead.[5]

World Rejecter Arc[]

Main article: World Rejecter Arc

When Patricia was infested by Sample Shoggoth, unable to resolve the issue with her cabal's resources, Leivinia left the cabal to save Patricia on her own through a Cannibalization technique derived from African elements, knowing that they would give up on Patricia and try to preserve her if they knew her plan would likely result in her death.[15]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Christmas Day Arc[]

Main article: Christmas Day Arc

On Christmas Day, the Dawn-Colored Sunlight were performing their own investigations and responses to the problems caused by R&C Occultics, with some of the work sub-contracted to Lessar of New Light. Birdway remotely spoke to Stiyl at the site of George Close's attempted attack on the London Stock Exchange, relaying their findings on the culprit and the treasures which Anna Sprengel had used to construct her company.[16]

Other Appearances[]

Side stories[]

Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Stiyl[]

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Stiyl

Kamijou Touma encountered them in a certain place in Academy City during their meeting. It turns out that the reason they were there was to retrieve a certain artifact that may cause large-scale destruction if left in the wrong hands.[17]

Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Mark Space[]

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Mark Space

Mark Space was sent by Leivinia Birdway on a mission to bring back Patricia Birdway after knowing that the ship where Patricia is aboard is affiliated to a certain magic cabal that deals with human trafficking.[18]

Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki[]

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki

They were encountered by Kanzaki Kaori during a certain mission to stop Orlentz Trice. It turns out that they are not affiliated with him, but rather they were there to deal with him due to some discord between him and their group.[19]

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