Debris Storm (デブリストーム Deburi Sutōmu?) is a powerful technology that allows Academy City to manipulate the flow of solar winds and move the space debris surrounding the planet.[1]


Debris Storm is a device that manipulates the flow of solar winds to move all of the space debris around the planet. It is powerful enough to move tens of thousands of pieces of debris at several kilometers per second.[1]

It can be used as a weapon, able to shoot down unidentified flying objects or ballistic missiles with perfect accuracy. Since it manipulates the orbital debris that sounds the earth, it can be compared to a missile defense net on a worldwide scale.[1]


The device is apparently is still in the prototype phase, as such, it causes widespread electromagnetic interference, affecting things such as mobile phones, traffic lights, and television screens. According to Misaka Mikoto, it is likely caused by the side effects of the collision between winds and debris not progressing as planned.[1] The electromagnetic interference apparently increase and decrease over time.[2]

It can be assumed that the device that controls the machine is in Academy City, due the widespread electromagnetic interference it wrought upon its activation, specifically in School District 23, where equipment and facilities related to space are concentrated.[1]


The Debris Storm was kept secret even to Stiyl Magnus, who could've used it to help him stop Ureapaddy Exica. According to him, the reason that the higher ups of Academy City may not have told him of its existence is that the situation is simply too dangerous, and they did not want to bear responsibility that would arise from explaining it.[2] The fact that it can freely manipulate tens of thousands of pieces of space debris would be able to shoot down the missiles, rockets, satellites, and space stations of every nation and organization on the planet, would most likely cause disputes against Academy City.


Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no EnsembleEdit

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The Debris Storm is first used by Academy City as an attempt to shoot down a biopod that was catapulted from a mass driver in a cooperative institute in Australia. Seeing this, Misaka Mikoto tries to contact Shirai Kuroko to inform her of the situation. Coincidentally, due to the electromagnetic interference by the devices, Touma who was searching for Ureapaddy Exica, receives Mikoto's words instead.[1] It was one of the keys that allows to track down Ureapaddy.

The Debris Storm is later manipulated by Pantagruel in order for him to use it as a replacement for a shooting star, one of the requirements for his spell the Silver Star Miracle.[3] Due to this convenience, Ureapaddy Exica of the Gate of the Gods Come from the Heavens, the magic cabal that Pantagruel used to distract Academy City to cover his actions,[4] also uses the Debris Storm as a substitute for shooting stars in order for her to use her Brahma Astra.[1]

At the end of the game, after Touma has defeated Ureapaddy, Pantagruel tries to use the spell to summon Aleister Crowley, which he thought was dead. However, he did not take the Misaka Network's existence as it intereferes with the spell. With the efforts of Touma and Ureapaddy, he fails but manages to get away.[3]


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