Dengeki Smile Bunko – Connect the Bonds of Hope!! (電撃スマイル文庫 つなげよう!希望の絆!!?), fully titled as Dengeki Smile Bunko – Connect the Bonds of Hope!!: Eastern Japan Reconstruction Support Degenki Bunko Charity Project (電撃スマイル文庫 つなげよう!希望の絆!!【東日本復興応援 電撃文庫チャリティ企画】?) is a collection of seventy-nine short stories and fifty-eight illustrations contributed by different authors and illustrators that were released by Dengeki Bunko on December 29, 2011.[1] As its title indicates, its profits are to be used for the relief of Eastern Japan after the damage wrought by the 2011 earthquake.

Kamachi Kazuma contributed a story from the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe for the collection.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Let's send our spirits to everyone in Great Eastern Japan!

On the basis of that thought, the 136 total number of people who are writers and illustrators have come together. Stories are written under the theme of "smiles," "hopes," and "bonds". Attention is given to familiar and popular works, a single tightly packed special book that is different from the usual set-up. It is a must-read and a must-see for any Dengeki Bunko fan![1]

Kamachi's contributionEdit

Kamachi's contributions has Kamijou Touma's class go to a hot springs inn. The story follows the Delta Force as they try to peek on the women's bath. Once they peek, they find the men's bath because they were given false information. Attack dogs promptly chase them afterwards. Tsuchimikado Motoharu says that they can distract the dogs by giving them meat and throws Aogami Pierce to the dogs. Completely mirroring the scene at the beginning of volume 16 of Toaru Majutsu no Index, Aogami's sacrifice doesn't get rid of all the dogs, so Touma and Motoharu are forced to split up. Touma later jumps over a piranha-filled river and avoids tiger traps as he makes his way back to the inn. He loses the dogs by climbing a window, but finds out that he entered Fukiyose Seiri's room while she is changing her clothes. Touma is predictably beaten half to death.

It turns out the false information they were given and the extreme security around the inn were all Kumokawa Seria's doing just to mess with them.


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  • The cover was illustrated by Abec.
  • Kamachi Kazuma's contribution written on page 12 and 13.


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