Denmark (デンマーク Denmāku?) is a European country located on a large peninsula and islands north of Germany and south of Norway. Copenhagen is the capital city, located on one of the islands instead of the peninsula.[1]


The country is also part of NATO and the UN, but uses its own currency, the krone and øre. According to Othinus, this is how the Danish show that they distance themselves from their neighboring nations.[1]

Denmark's official language is Danish, though English and German can be understood as well, specifically in the southern portions of the country for the latter. The main industry is manufacturing like shipbuilding and other heavy industries. The country is primarily Protestant, but there is still a fair bit of Catholicism. Almost no one actually believes in Norse mythology anymore, though it is still an important sightseeing resource.[1]

An Academy City cooperative institution is present in Denmark and operates a steelworks in a harbor city.[2]


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The steelworks run by a Danish Academy City cooperative institution is attacked by Leasic, who wants to protect stone rune monuments from being eroded by the acid rain resulting from its operation, but is thwarted by Kanzaki Kaori.[2]

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As preparation for the war, the United States of America lends the Danish military with several of their tanks. However, war ends quickly before they can be utilized and America fails to retrieve them.[3]

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Map of Touma and Othinus' journey across Denmark

Following the events at Sargasso, Kamijou Touma and Othinus travel to Denmark using the Bone Boat, in an attempt to retrieve Othinus's sacrificed eye from the spring in which it rests, in order to return her from a god to a human and prevent the fairy spell from killing her.[4] The various members of the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance, GREMLIN and others also make their way to Denmark, and attack the two at various points during their journey to Egeskov Castle.[5] As part of Operation Norse Wind, the Danish military uses the tanks that were lent to them by the United States of America.[3]

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