Depart (雑貨稼業 (デパート) Zakkakagyō (Depāto)?, lit., "department store", Yen Press: Department Store), true name unknown, was a minor character introduced during the DRAGON Arc of Toaru Majutsu no Index. He was a black market dealer specializing in selling tools that allow a person to elude pursuants.


Depart's appearance is described in the narrative as a male who looks like an university student.[1]


Seemingly a professional in his trade, Depart assumes a carefree and welcoming personality to his clients, although he also prefers getting straight into the deal and urges his clients to immediately state their business. He shows a tendency to avoid bothersome things like disposing corpses, and will push the responsibility to other people.

Depart also has a "personal hobby" of committing violent acts to people he had "purchased", and has a tendency to treat people bought this way like a commodity, such that he would avoid to "break" them, but will dispose of them when given the money.[1]


Depart was a middleman who offers a wide array of services to people such as the sale of vehicles and safe houses, money laundering, or even surgery to change ones looks. He owned a lavish apartment unit on the top floor of a high-rise apartment building in District 15, a district known for its high real estate value, and considers this as both a place of residence as well as his working office. The large unit is described to have an attractive view that can be used for a restaurant, but it is also considered by Depart himself as more of a hideout than a home to live peacefully in.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit


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Depart's apartment in School District 15 is visited by Accelerator. Mistaking him for an interested client, Depart welcomes him and explains his services to him. He also ends up explaining about the beaten girl hanging in a corner of Depart's unit, considering her as his "personal hobby" which would be worth at least 7 million if she was broken. Accelerator takes an envelope with 10 million in it from the bag he was holding and puts it on Depart's table. Depart mistakenly assumes that it is for the girl, but Accelerator tells him that it isn't for buying the girl but him.

Immediately afterwards Accelerator throws the bag at Depart's face, breaking his nose and knocking him off his chair. Depart pulls out a pistol from one of the table drawers and points it at Accelerator, whose hand is now on his choker. Accelerator reminds Depart about what he said earlier, about how a life was worth 7 million. Expressing his anger at the job and commenting on how 'that bastard' only gives him boring jobs like this, he then asks if there is no problem with slaughtering him now, which he proceeds to do.[1]


  • (in Volume 19, to Accelerator) "You don’t have to envy me, after all this place is only somewhere to hide in, not somewhere I can live peacefully. This kind of house where I have to abandon it if someone comes to investigate, how could I possibly live here calmly?"
  • (in Volume 19, ibid) "I’m not interested in hearing what’s going on. All you need to do is like placing an order for food at a restaurant, and say just what it is you need.


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