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Mitsuari Ayu's FIVE Over OS Designer's Gel suit

The Designers' Gel (デザイナーズゲル Dezaināzu Geru?) is an artificially redesigned fat which is capable of changing shape[1] and rearranging the structure of cholesterol.[2]


Designers' Gel is an artificially redesigned fat which can change shape and rearrange the structure of cholesterol.[2][1] When inserted in human body, it can cause the completation of a thrombus in about a week even with its amount carefully adjusted. Even if there isn't enough data, it is believed to possibly be an excellent assassination weapon that would slip past any forensic investigation.[2] The Designers' Gel's shapeshifting properties are employed in the costruction of the FIVE_Over (Out_Sider) - Modelcase_"MENTAL_OUT"'s base unit, a wearable weapon resembling a cream-colored octopus taller than a person with tentacles extending from its bottom half.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Agitate Halation Arc[]

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After Tsuchimikado Motoharu is defeated by Kamijou Touma, allowing for Yakumi Hisako to escape the former's wrath. Hisako states what other jobs she needs to deal with at the moment, to which Rensa responds that the private clinical test of the Designers’ Gel that rearranges the structure of cholesterol has begun.[2]

Mental Out Arc[]

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The Designers' Gel composes Mitsuari Ayu's FIVE_Over (Out_Sider) - Modelcase_"MENTAL_OUT", which she wears to take the appearance of a fat Shokuhou Misaki.[1]