Digurv's village

Digurv's village as seen in the anime

Digurv's Village is an unnamed village in Russia, close to the border of the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations.[1][2][3]


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The village is near to an abandoned Cold War-era nuclear silo, located in the forest.[4]


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In the past, the village requested to be taken into the Elizalina Alliance due to the problems they experienced as part of Russia, however there were issues which prevented the Elizalina Alliance from accepting them - mainly the risk that Russia could see them as trying to seize the nearby silo.[4]


World War III ArcEdit

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On September 30th, Hamazura Shiage and Takitsubo Rikou visited the village as part of a deal with Digurv, giving them much needed fuel in exchange for what medical aid they could give for the ill Takitsubo.[1] Shortly afterwards, the village came under attack from privateers. Hamazura helped to defend the villagers and was later aided by the arrival of Acqua of the Back[1]

After the privateers were defeated, the two left the village as Academy City forces started to appear nearby, heading for the Elizalina Alliance, but later returned in order to prevent the deployment of the Kremlin Report's bacteriological wall near the silo and save the villagers from the deadly weapon.[2]

Known ResidentsEdit


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