The Dirty Lance Ballistic Missile Launching Base (ダーティランス弾道ミサイル発射基地 Dāti Ransu Dandō Misairu Hassha Kichi?), or simply Dirty Lance (ダーティランス Dāti Ransu?), is a ballistic missile launching base located in Texas. It can communicate with Grand Arrow Air Force Base, and can fire ballistic missiles with a range of at least 5800 kilometers (estimated distance from Texas to Hawaii).[1]


Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

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As the invasion by Trident on Hawaii goes on, Alfred Thirdman of Grand Arrow Air Force Base tries to order his subordinates to contact the base to ask the base to launch a ballistic missile towards Hawaii, whom he presumes is aware of the invasion as well. The subordinate protests indicating that the President is still there as well as civilians. But Alfred points out that he will be using the missiles to clear away the volcanic ash that was caused by the Eruption of Kilauea, in order to send out aerial units to support the military there since volcanic ash prevents him from doing so, despite the fears that the Vice-President will just get in the way.[1]

By the end of the invasion, no ballistic missiles were launched from either the Grand Arrow Air Force Base in California or from the Dirty Lance in Texas, possibly due to the efforts of the Vice-President.[1]


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