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The Disciplinary Guides (制裁指導 Seisai Shidō?) were a group, appearing in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (PSP game), who carried out a series of attacks on people who were spreading rumors and urban legends on the internet.[1]


The Disciplinary Guides were an urban legend in Academy City. The legend said that they would bestow 'Guidance' upon those who irresponsibly spread urban legends. While users under the name often posted radical and threatening comments on online message boards, there was little reliable information available. The group's members were unknown, their powers were unknown, and even their numbers weren't known. Since there was initially little to no evidence of actual assaults, the threats were all but dismissed by Judgment and Anti-Skill, though some cases of minor harassment were recorded.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun PSP

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  • Noriko, the apparent leader and a bare handed fighter.[1]
  • Unnamed member, shown with short red hair. Known to possess a wind-based power which she uses in combat.[1]
  • Unnamed member, shown with light brown hair tied off to one side. Fights by throwing Molotov cocktails (might possess low level pyrokinesis).[1]
  • Unnamed member, appearance unknown. Uses a metal bat.[1]
  • Unnamed member, appearance unknown. Uses an electric stun baton.[1]


  • The members of Disciplinary Guides are voiced by Dendou Rina, Toba Tsukiko, Satou Megumi, Kobori Yurie, and Shimizu Ayaka.