Anti-Skill District7 MainOffice

The building as seen from outside.

The District 7 Central Anti-Skill Station (警備員 (アンチスキル) 第七学区本部?) is the headquarters of Academy City's security force, Anti-Skill.


In the novels, the station is described as being the same as a prefectural police headquarters outside of Academy City, a box of thick reinforced concrete with reinforced glass windows and no unnecessary decorations, being a government office. A tall fence surrounds the station to impede escapees.[1][2][3]

In the anime adaptations, it is a large building, several stories in height and can contain hundreds of people inside it. The building bears the symbol of Anti-Skill, and also holds large communications equipment on top of it's roof.[4]


The general reception area is a lobby much like one in a city hall or bank. There are several counters lined up alongside each other, with the booths numbered. There is also a machine which gives out numbered tickets. Unlike banks or hospitals, there are not TVs set up. The area is generally used by normal people who come in for ordinary matters such as lost items and renewing licenses.[1] There is a bulletin board covered in posters with advice for avoiding bank transfer scams and for fire safety as well as appeals for information concerning missing or unidentified items and individuals. There is also a section for posters of wanted criminals, many with reward money offered.[1]

The station's third floor has an interrogation room, with a monitoring room next to it, as well as a storeroom and an employee nursery.[2][3] The contents of the storeroom include special cash, official counterfeit money meant to fool hostage-takers and scammers, marked with a special perfume which only trained dogs can detect.[3]

The building has an emergency power generator.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Poltergeist ArcEdit

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The establishment is first seen during Anti-Skill's coalition meeting with members of Judgment and Multi Active Rescue, where they discuss that the true nature of the recent earthquakes is actually a large-scale RSPK Syndrome. It is later shown that the building has a large enough room for conferences to hold hundreds of guests. The exterior of the building seen shortly after the meeting.[4]

Silent Party ArcEdit

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Kuroko and Mikoto go here to personally ask Yomikawa Aiho about the Powered Suit and security robots taken by the Anti-Skill as evidence. Aiho tells them that unfortunately the main headquarters of Anti-Skill had taken over the case so all the evidence has been taken there as well. Mikoto and Kuroko left a bit disappointed by this dead end, but Aiho decides to catch up to them and gives a transparent case with a strand of hair inside, found inside the Powered Suit taken the day before. Aiho explains that she decides to give it to them instead of leaving it to be confiscated by the main headquarters, and soon warns them not to try meddling too deep into the case.[5]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Processor Suit ArcEdit

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Hamazura Shiage was taken to the station after being arrested, due to being placed into the Processor Suit by the culprit of an attack on a trading office using the suit.[2] Not long afterwards, the station came under attack by the culprit, A. O. Francisca and her Mimetic Predators, who sought to eliminate the other suit and end SIM conflict created by the two identical suits which was preventing her from fully accessing the Bank.[2][6][3][7][8][9]


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