The Divination Operation Brigade (占星施術旅団(せんせいせじゅつりょだん) Sensei Sejuutsu Ryodan?, Yen Press: Astrologers' Brigade) or the Astrological Surgery Brigade is a traveling Magic Cabal that has a vast collection of spiritual items.

Principles[edit | edit source]

The cabal apparently allowed members of both sexes, and people of all ages, ranging from children to old men.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

They are a Christian magic group that followed others, and after understanding the situation, they would use magic to settle the situation. After a while their were a many who had come to relying on them and there were many people within the country who were looking for them. Afterwards, as they had too many people relying on them so much that they couldn't even stop at a single place. They spent quite a few years slowly walking through the whole of Russia just to live. At some point, there was some sort of dispute between them and the Russian Orthodox Church and were pursued by them using. This forced them to try fleeing Russia in -50 degrees Celsius conditions where their feet were starting to sink but, still continued to walk on. The Russian Orthodox Church's soldiers that were specially trained to move along in these types of conditions used the spiritual tool Sleipnirs to catch up to the Divination Operation Brigade near the border. It was he that William Orwell appeared and came to the group's aid and successfully escape from the forces of the Russian Orthodox Church.[1]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

British Royal Family Arc[edit | edit source]

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After their escape the group reorganized and changed it's name and moved in lands out of the Russian Orthodox Church's reach, until they joined forces with the Roman Catholic Church. Thanks to that, the Russians managed to extend their reach to the Roman Catholic land of France. Again they were saved by William Orwell as he made his way to England. One of the members offers to replace his weapon that he has seemingly lost sense his defeat in Academy City. The unnamed member has gathered, and making a business out of weapons new and old from all over the world. Even have some of those monstrously sized ones that Orwell prefers and gives him the spiritual item Ascalon with his heraldry that had already a fixed to the blade by an artisan acquaintance of Acqua's.[2]

World War III Arc[edit | edit source]

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Later a group of them and many others who were also indebted to William Orwell traveled to Russia together to aid him. At this time the giant golden arms of Telesma were reaching across the world causing chaos, one the members comments that about Divination Operation Brigade having a network of old friends allowing them handle the situation, all the while joking about both them and himself are obstinate people.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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