Divine Protection of Ægidius (アエギディウスの加護 Aegidiusu no Kago?) is a building level type of barrier spell named after Saint Ægidius, also known as Saint Giles.


Used by the Roman Catholic Church, it can apparently be implemented by a simple talisman, which can wrap a large area or building, like a church, in it's barrier. It's effects are currently unknown, but it requires a group of people to remove.[1]

Of course, as it is a power related to Christianity, it is not immune to the power of the Imagine Breaker.[1]


Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

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This spell is used by the Agnese Forces in order for them to have their Trial of Sin of Orsola Aquinas uninterrupted. It is later dispelled by Kamijou Touma with his Imagine Breaker, surprising everyone.[1]


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