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The Document of Constantine Arc (C文書編 C-Bunsho Hen?) is a major story arc in Toaru Majutsu no Index. It deals with the aftermath of the Roman Catholic’s invasion in Academy City, where the tensions between the two powers are ever increasing, the recent spate of violent protests around the world against Academy City due to the Catholic artifact known as the Document of Constantine, under the control of Terra of the Left of God's Right Seat, which Kamijou Touma is forced to stop.

The arc is notable for its reintroduction of Touma's memory loss as a plot point, the effects of its loss, and the secrets it may hold regarding the Imagine Breaker. The next arc is directly affected the events that transpire during this arc.


In preparation for the War

With obvious hostilities, Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church prepare themselves for an inevitable clash. Academy City prepare themselves by sending out rockets into the sky in order to make people speculate what their contents are, as they believe the more the possibilities the people can speculate, the more effective it is in holding others in check.[1] Moreover, already prepared for chaos ahead, Academy City already had weapons and tools manufactured, and made it so that they could take control of the aftermath of the chaos, though seemingly they waited for the right chance to make use of it.[2]

For the other side, the Roman Catholic Church was looking for a way to force the Russian Orthodox Church who was at that point still undecided in which side to join, as exemplified by the inconclusive meeting between the Anglican and Russian Churches in St. George's Cathedral. Originally, the Church preferred the other two great churches, Anglican and Russian, to come to their side. However, the Roman Catholic Church came to know that the Anglican Church had a relationship with Academy City, and with all the things that have transpired between the two churches, where they were at odds with each other, there was clear strife between the two, causing Church to give up on them. And though the power balance between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church was very equal, it is the joining sides that can tip the balance. And so the Roman Catholic Church focused their attention on the Russian Orthodox Church, and prevent them from joining Academy City.[3]

Anti-Academy City October riots

Main article: Anti-Academy City October riots

In spite of Acqua of the Back's remonstration regarding Terra of the Left using civilians via the C-Document, he acquiesced to his purposes.[4] With this, Terra of the Left shortly takes the Document of Constantine in Avignon in Palais des Papes, for its history with the Papacy allow him to circumvent the balance and checks needed to activate the spiritual item.[5] And thus, the worldwide riots against Academy City begin.


With the chaos brought on by the riots, it had apparently sent Academy City the on the edge, to the point of preparing for an economic bombing as if the chaos continues for a significant length of time, it could have a negative effect on the economy.[6] Moreover, Academy City feels the need to desperately gather funds for war, things such as the Interceptor Show were one of the ways to gather it.[6] Of the City, only Oyafune Monaka seem to show concern regarding the ongoing chaos escalating, and believes that the cause of it is something supernatural.[6] She later contacts Tsuchimikado Motoharu as the one who will "punish" her when she calls upon to Kamijou Touma to stop it before it is too late.[7]

Meanwhile, becoming suspicious of the riots' causes, the Church of England's response to the riots have them order Amakusa Christians to investigate the ley lines and other magical properties of the land in France. The 52 combat-ready members of the Amakusa Church go towards major cities in France.[5]


School days

After a long day of school, Touma encounters Misaka Mikoto. She asks why he hasn't been replying to her messages but Touma tells her that he didn't receive anything from her. She checks his phone but is shocked to see that her mother's number is on his list of contacts. She contacts her on Touma's phone regarding her number's presence on the phone, to which she states that she was drunk in the City one night and that she met a boy, laughing at the end. Mikoto demands to know what he was doing with her mother while she was drunk. Touma tries to point out that Misuzu remembers and is only feigning ignorance. Touma tries to change the subject needing to go home as he needs to prepare dinner, and later move the more serious topic regarding the chaos that's surrounding the world. They talk about the chaotic protests that are happening around the world and accusing Academy City for the "Fallen Angel" incident. Touma however knows that the ones responsible are the people outside of Academy City and that the issue can't be solved by just standing around and doing nothing.[8] The two part ways and on the way home from the grocery store, he bumps into an elderly woman and apologizes for bumping into her, she tells him that he's expecting him and holds Touma at gun point. She asks him to follow her and he reluctantly agrees.[9]

Oyafune Monaka's request

The elderly woman and Touma reach a children's park. He asks what she's planning but she tells him that she wishes to talk to him about the current situation that's happening around the world.[10] The woman introduces herself as Oyafune Monaka and she's one of the 12 Board of Directors of Academy City. She tells him that his help is needed to fix a problem regarding the violent protest and demonstrations. She went to him because he has something that no country or diplomatic institutes has - Imagine Breaker. Monaka believes that the ones that are responsible for the protests are the Roman Catholics and if they choose to go to war with Academy City, they will surpass them in numbers. She also warns Touma that Academy City is on the edge and if things don't get settled an economical bombing could be in effect.

Motoharu "punishing" Monaka.

After a while of explaining the situation, Motoharu appears and asks if she finished discussing things with him. She tells him yes and that it's his turn to take care of the rest, he pulls out a handgun from the buckle from his belt and shoots her in the gut with it causing her to fall on the ground.[6] Shocked and angered by Motoharu's actions, Touma punches him and he falls to the ground, before he lost control Monaka stops him and tells him that she arranged for Motoharu to shoot her and that her vital spots were missed slightly. Her actions would be labeled as treason and her family and everything she holds dear will be attacked. She tells him that this decision to stop the chaos was not made as a whole from the other directors but from her own choosing. Motoharu calls the ambulance and tells Touma that they need to get moving to School District 23 and there's a plane waiting for them thanks to Monaka's preparations. Touma is angry at the fact that instead of being so indirect for his help all she had to do was ask for it. Having no choice but to leave her in the state she's in, the two disappear before the ambulance arrive.[7]

A bird's eye view of Avignon as Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Kamijou Touma skydive into the city.

Motoharu and Touma are heading for the airport, but before getting there Touma puts the groceries he bought into a locker at a bus station. Motoharu lets him know that Maika is taking care of Index so he doesn't have to worry about leaving her behind to starve. He also tells him that they're heading to France using the same plane Touma used to get back home for medical treatment after the La Regina del Mare Adriatico incident.[1] He explains to Touma (who is feeling queasy due to the plane moving at a speed of mach 3) that the thing responsible for the riots and protests across the globe is the Document of Constantine or the C-Document for short. It's an spiritual item that makes believers of the Christian faith make them believe something is the absolute truth no matter how ridiculous is it. Before he can explain any further the plane announcer informs them that they're at their destination. He hands Touma a parachute and forcibly opens the passageway door and strong winds blow right in to the plane. Touma is reluctant to jump right out the plane, but Motoharu not wanting to waste time forcibly kicks Touma's hands off a rail he was holding on too and flies right out the plane. While in the air Touma the parachute pops up but ends up getting caught around his neck and he vows to kill Motoharu whenever he gets the chance to.[11]


Itsuwa embarrassed by her alternative outfit.

Touma is a 100 meters from the original target spot due to his parachute getting caught in the wind and having him land in the middle of a river. While drowning he was saved at the last by a woman and it turns out to be Itsuwa of the Amakusa.[12] He wonders if she's here because of Motoharu and the C-Document but she asks him who he is and questions how does he know about the document. She asks him why he's here in France and he tells her that he came here with Motoharu to find and destroy the C-Document. Itsuwa tells him that she and her Amakusa comrades were here to investigate the leylines and the flow of magical properties in France from the request of the Anglican Church. Itsuwa tells him that she needs to get her bag, but Touma asks if she has any other change of clothes with her wet clothes made her other parts visible. Itsuwa later changes clothes that reveal a bit of her cleavage, as Touma stares at her silently, she curls up slightly. Touma tells her that it's okay because of the way Kanzaki Kaori dresses but rebukes him that she doesn't dress in a lewd manner like her. Just by saying such words were enough to make her blush in embarrassment. Itsuwa tells Touma that since they're both after the C-Document they should cooperate and since he can't contact Motoharu he agrees.[5]

The two sit at a cafe to have a bite to eat, regroup and plan their next move. Itsuwa asks Touma if he was able to contact Motoharu but no luck contacting him due to distance. After eating Touma asks her what she was investigating and she tells him that in Avignon there the largest Roman Catholic facility there called the Palace of the Popes. She shares a little bit of history of the place and the reason why investigating the connection between the Vatican and the Palace is important. There it it is revealed that Avignon has a ley line, a pipeline that runs from the city back to the Vatican created back during the Avignon Papacy in order to facilitate rituals that can only be done in the Papal State (before the Vatican was established) without needing to leave Avignon. Touma asks if she's been inside but tells him that she hasn't and she and the rest of the Amakusa planned to after gathering the necessary information. Touma feels like the place might be suspicious and asks Itsuwa if there was any way he can help her. Before she could answer an army of protesters try to attack Touma and Itsuwa but the two manages to escape. The rioters continue to pursue them as Touma and Itsuwa make their way to the Palais des Papes.[5] Touma gets a call from Motoharu and tells him that he's heading to the Palace of the Popes but have to find a new place to meet because of the rioters blocking the roads and chasing them relentlessly. It is revealed that he too is on his way to Palais des Papes, but a wall of angry mobsters block his path. Touma reveals to Motoharu regarding his knowledge of the Palais des Papes.[13] Motoharu tells Touma and Itsuwa to sever it, banking on getting to the palace and calming down the rioters and immediately going to the palace before the magicians could leave, Touma and Itsuwa decide to alter the magical pipeline connecting Vatican and Avignon which allows the document to activate instead. This pipeline is basically a flow of energy that runs throughout the globe, and either Itsuwa or Tsuchimikado is needed to alter its path away from Avignon. The two end up at one of the city's many museums. Touma thinks about breaking the link using his Imagine Breaker but is told by Motoharu that it might not work on the natural mana flow of the land, as there are exceptions to what the Imagine Breaker can negate.[14]

Meeting with Terra of the Left

Terra of Left appeared.

As Itsuwa prepares to user her Amakusa brand of magic to alter the ley line, she hesitates after realizing has to use a pair of panties for it, though quickly made up her mind. After lining up the magic circle, an aperture appears on the floor, and Itsuwa merely dips her Friulian Spear into it, and as she is about to turn her spear to alter the ley line. Terra of the Left, one of the God's Right Seat attacks them, destroying a wall in the process. The attack leaves Itsuwa's Friulian spear broken, which she immediately replaces. Terra of the Left appears before them and attacks Touma, and is surprised on how he manages to negate his flour guillotine. As Itsuwa and Touma become wary of him, Touma asks for Terra of the Left's identity, to which he easily says as he gathers his flour back into a form of a blade.[15] The fight moves to the outside, and here Terra of the Left shows the wanton destruction his blade has upon the streets. Touma intended to draw Terra's attack and Itsuwa would get in range to attack him. Here, Terra realizes that he is dealing with the Imagine Breaker, the one that defeated Vento of the Front. He swings the blade towards Touma who lets out his hand, but Itsuwa intercepts the blows of the blade herself. She tries to strike Terra of the Left down but he is fast enough to swing his blade towards her and buy him enough time to attack again. Suddenly, he notices steel wires surrounding him, and Itsuwa uses her Seven Blades of the Seven Teachings technique to cut him down. There however, Terra of the Left uses his "Precedence", his Execution of Light spell for the first time in front of them, making him immune to the wires. Initially shocked, Itsuwa nonetheless tries to stab Terra of the Left again, but uses his "Precedence" spell to disappear in to phase through the wall behind him, making her miss. Using Precedence again, he destroys the wall with his guillotine, forcing Itsuwa to dodge. Seeing this, he tries to attack her in her vulnerable position, but Touma intervenes, and his blade is once again destroyed. Using his spell again, he gathered the blade back, and used it to strike down the wall on them, forcing Touma to take Itsuwa to avoid the falling debris.[16]

Terra of the Left states his disappointment on Touma's Imagine Breaker, concluding that Touma only won against Vento of the Front after Touma destroyed her Divine Punishment, summoned the "fallen angel", and brought out a strange realm to pressure on her. Here, Touma realizes that a member of God's Right Seat who is on the same level as Vento would not attack with just a blade, and became disturbed by him. Seeing this, Terra of the Left mocks him, and states to him that he should at least allow him to enjoy their little situation a bit more even if what he is facing is the best Touma has. Then, Touma and Itsuwa attacked simultaneously. Using his spell, Terra stopped the movements of Itsuwa's spear, stopping it in midair. Touma attacks but Terra is faster, and the blade hits Touma's body but it does not cut him as he expected though he is still hurt by it. Touma then punched the guillotine that hit him and it is once again destroyed, causing Touma to think more about the implications of Terra's spell. As he re-gathers his flour, Itsuwa states that Terra's power is Precedence, to which Terra explains to her the symbolism used for his blade, the mythology associated with Christ's death, and it, being the reason why he has the Precedence spell. It is based on the secret ceremonies required to complete the story of the Son of God is the alteration of the order of precedence, the Execution of Light, and flour he shapes into a blade as medium is a by-product. After his explanation, he is confident that them despite knowing of how his abilities origins and mechanics, he can still defeat, and he was right. He then gives them time to make a up a plan for his entertainment.[16]

Suddenly, Tsuchimikado Motoharu arrives and shoots a magical origami figure at him, though Terra simply uses his Precedence spell to make it bounce off him, landing the thing near Itsuwa. Motoharu declares that he has cornered Terra of the Left now. He takes the handgun he took from Oyafune Monako a while back, and as he shot Terra, he quickly predicts what Terra was going to say for his spell. Motoharu, confident that he can beat Terra, boasts that he can beat him and takes out a black origami figure, and Terra can only watch in silence. As Itsuwa relates to Touma that Motoharu wants them to go to the Palais des Papes at the same time Terra and Motoharu starts making their move, explosions ring out, the attack on Avignon has begun.[16]

Academy City cleanup of Avignon

Main article: Avignon Cleanup Operation

Although annoyed that his battle with Motoharu was interrupted, as he wanted more battlefield data for his precedence spell, Terra of the Left quickly escapes them during the attack by Academy City's HsPS-15 Powered Suits. Seeing that Academy City is simply attacking civilians, though non-lethally, dumbstrucks Touma, and reminds him of why Monaka may have asked her to help stop the protests in the first place. Itsuwa tries to check on Touma asking him if he is all right as she helps him out. Motoharu calls out to Touma and tells him to go to Palais des Papes. Touma asks if it's all right to leave without doing anything seeing as it is Academy City that is attacking, to which Motoharu says that going after Terra comes first, and that the Academy City forces are after

Motoharu tells Touma and Itsuwa head to the palace.

the Document of Constantine as well. Motoharu tells Touma and Itsuwa to go to the palace, seeing it as the only chance to destroy the document. Motoharu then says that he will stop the Academy City forces and negotiate with them. Annoyed, Touma and Itsuwa are forced to go to Palais des Papes, leaving Motoharu behind.[17]

With Touma and Itsuwa gone, Motoharu fights against the HsPS-15 Powered Suits alone, and is forced to use magic. Bleeding, he continues to attack the Powered Suits and disables them, long enough for him to talk to them and make negotiations. However, is later overwhelmed and is forced to surrender. But this was a ruse, as he used magic to cause an error in their operating system, and due to the nature of their sysyems, the error is then transmitted to the others that would take several minutes to fix and leave them venerable to the rioters. While he was planning to start negotiating on halting the attack, more jets arrive, and he realizes that Academy City maybe soon planning to bomb Avignon. However, he wonders what Aleister is thinking as a simple bombing would not be enough to challenge the world of magic.[18]

In the Palais des Papes

When Touma and Itsuwa reach the empty Palais des Papes, he contacts Misaka Mikoto regarding current events with Academy City. Mikoto, though confused on Touma's question as he could easily turn on the television, she says that some religious group is violating international law in Avignon using some special kind of destructive weapon and an operation to clear them out in the city has begun. She states that normally the French government would take care of the situation, but the government needed some experts with access to special technology, as such Academy City got involved. Mikoto then asks where Touma is but he is too distracted to respond. Suddenly, Terra throws an HsPs-15

Terra of Left attacks Touma and Itsuwa

Powered Suit towards the building, destroying a wall and knocking his phone out of his hands. There, he comes upon Touma and Itsuwa again, dismayed at the attacks stopping the spell, and says that are retreat would be the best option. Touma and Itsuwa obviously doesn't want him to leave, but mocks at their powerlessness, challenging them to stop him.[19]

Their battle begins as HsB-02 planes use their Earth Blades to melt the ground around Avignon.[20]They ignore the attacks going on outside and battle. Touma and Itsuwa move first but Terra quickly uses his spell that forces Itsuwa to help Touma dodge Terra's attack, which tears apart the palace. Itsuwa then manages to strike Terra but he used his spell to make blades not work on his skin. The force of the attack knocks Itsuwa down taking Touma with her. She is hurt by the debris and Terra takes advantage of that fact, he makes flour have a higher precedence to human skin, swinging down his blade towards her. However, Touma manages to destroy it before it reaches her. He tries again and Itsuwa just pushes Touma aside, making Terra miss. Terra mocks her for getting in Touma's way. Itsuwa agrees, but says to Terra on how he has revealed his fatal weakness. Terra uses his Precedence again to make the ceiling collapse with his flour, forcing Itsuwa to hurriedly wedge her spear between the ceiling and floor. Without her weapon Terra attacks her, hitting her body and knocking her out. The ceiling then returns to normal and Terra gloats over his victory.[21]

Kamijou Touma vs. Terra of the Left

Terra is the first one to attack as Touma is too busy mulling over Terra's weakness. Touma avoids the blade and instead throws a stone at Terra, forcing him to use Precedence to protect himself. Matching the timing with which the stone hit, Touma takes his wallet and throws it towards Terra, whom believes that the object Touma threw was something dangerous and used his blade to ripped it apart. There, Touma asks why he didn't use his Precedence on his wallet, and there, reveals to Terra that his Precedence isn't adaptable as it cannot be used on multiple targets at the same time. Terra laughs on Touma's discovery, and mocks it, saying that it isn't something to be worried about. The fight restarts, resulting in Terra destroying the floor and having debris thrown at Touma. An angry Touma asks why Terra has to go so far and involve the people of Avignon. Terra of the Left explains his motivations of the salvation of humanity according to his standards to Touma as the fight continues to draw on. After hearing it, Touma declares that it is not the Roman Catholic Church who is at fault, otherwise people like Orsola Aquinas and Agnese Sanctis would be as twisted as well, to which he concludes that Terra of the Left doesn't know what "salvation" even means. Touma says that his God would not spread salvation through conflicts, and declares that if that is Terra of the Left's definition of salvation, then he will destroy that illusion of his.[22]

Touma defeats Terra of the Left

Touma charges once more, he kicked the Friulian Spear Itsuwa dropped, prompting Terra to destroy it with his flour blade. Seeing this, Touma proves his hypothesis, and concludes that Terra of the Left isn’t all that strong as he keeps to the safety zone instead of going to the battlefield like him and Itsuwa. Terra mutters his spell and attacks again, but Touma is just too fast, hitting Terra of the Left in the face. However, Terra of the Left remains standing despite losing balance. Enraged, he sets his spell to have his blade cut completely through a human body. In a vulnerable situation, Touma is forced to use the heavy shotgun used by the Powered Suit that Terra threw from before as a shield. The blade strikes at Touma, and though the force is strong enough to injure him and draw blood, the shotgun did its part. Terra of the Left is surprised and assumed that Touma has gained more power. However, Touma points out he is wrong, to which Terra asks him, but is answered with a fist to the face, knocking him out.[22]

After a short while however, and after Touma destroys the Document of Constantine, Terra of the Left comes to, though unable to muster the strength to stand up. Terra asks Touma if he wants to know more about the Imagine Breaker. The topic piques Touma's interest, to which Terra laughs at him since he had to ask, which would indicate that Touma truly did lose his memories. Terra tells Touma that he needs to think about why Imagine Breaker has a connection to his right hand as there is a great answer hidden in it as well as the fact that it can negate all magic. With a smile, Terra tries to tell Touma the true identity of the Imagine Breaker, but before he could a bright orange flash came down through the ceiling right above Terra, obliterating the room they were in and tore up its floors. It was the HsB-02 and its Earth Blade, melting the ground into molten rock. Terra survives however, quickly leaving the Palais des Papes as Touma shouts his name in anguish.[23][Notes 1] Touma is later knocked out due to the explosions caused by the HsB-02, and is then protected by Itsuwa who finds Accelerator among the flames. He either does not notice her and his old enemy or was simply too focused on his task of looking for Terra's remains to pay attention to them and then passes her by as he disappears a mist the ocean of flames.[3]


The monster in a scorching hell, Accelerator.

After Touma has already defeated Terra and is interrogating him about what exactly Imagine Breaker is, an attack from an HsB-02 blows the two of them away. Itsuwa regains consciousness and finds Touma again knocked out and injured by the explosions caused by the HsB-02. Parts of the room are seen to have actually melted due to the sheer amount of heat and are covered in steam.

Itsuwa overhears Accelerator speaking just as she is about to start tending to Touma. Accelerator is speaking with one of the higher ups of Academy City over the phone, telling them to send troops to come search for Terra's corpse and run DNA tests to see if he's really dead. She stays hidden, not knowing if Accelerator is a friend or foe, steam giving her enough cover so as to not be seen. Accelerator leaves soon after to a deeper part of the palace. She states that she finds Accelerator, who can stand in flames like that, even more terrifying than Terra.[3]

Death of Terra of the Left

Terra of the Left returns to the Vatican and meets up with Acqua of the Back in St. Peter's Basilica. Even though the Document of Constantine was destroyed, Terra is satisfied with the results as the Russian Orthodox have been forced by the recent events that have transpired to ally themselves with the Roman Catholic Church. With the sides finally drawn for the War, Terra says that they should discuss how to move their troops from here on with Fiamma of the Right, and states that he wants to observe Academy City's response as well as the Imagine Breaker. Before he leaves, Acqua of the Back asks him if the information he has received that he used children and tourists on the outskirts of Rome to make some alignment adjustments for his Execution of Light spell. Terra of the Left responds callously and bluntly, and says that he did. He asks Acqua if such a thing is worth bringing up, to which he responds it wasn't supposed to act in order to save of humanity without discrimination. Terra says that he is doing so, but states that pagans are not even human, and states that he made sure that the targets for his alignment adjustments were not believers in the Roman Catholic Church. Terra is annoyed about the subject Acqua is bringing up as he is too busy with trying to improve his spell.[3]

Suddenly, Acqua of the Back takes a pillar from the basilica and smashes Terra of the Left in half. Terra is still alive and tried to use his spell to close his wounds but is unable to. Despite slowly dying, Terra's expression remained calm, believing that even if he died, in the end he would be chosen by God in the Final Judgment and led to the Holy

Terra of the Left has been purged.

Kingdom. Seeing Terra's expression, Acqua tells Terra that there is no way he would be chosen by God, and mocks him for still being deluded, stating that the only place he'll be going to will be Hell.[3]

Terra is able to comprehend Acqua's words, turning his once calm expression to that of scorn. There, Terra of the Left dies.[3]

Effects and implications in future events

With the events of the arc, the primary sides of World War III has finally been drawn, the Russian Orthodox Church allied with the Roman Catholic Church, and the Anglican Church allied with Academy City. Acqua of the Back, who voiced a strong opinion against Terra of the Left's actions, later decides to make a move first on his own to end the chaos that his happening in the world, specifically Kamijou Touma and his right hand.[24] With the two great Churches joining together, nearly the entire Eurasian continent is under their control, of this is France, which due to being backed by the two Churches exert tremendous pressure on England. This forces England to seek aid from Academy City and America, though the latter taking the brunt of the riots.[25] With United Kingdom feeling influence of the Roman Catholics via France, and feeling that the country is being trampled on by the treaties it has signed and the need to ask for Academy City for aid, is one of the main concerns that Princess Carissa would have in starting the coup in England.

The effects of this arc directly affects the next one. Due to the events of the 0930 Incident, and now that most of the Powered Suits were sent to Avignon to look for Terra of the Left's corpse, it paved the way for the rebellion of various organizations on Academy City's independence day.[26]

Finally, Misaka Mikoto learning of Kamijou Touma's memory loss would later reflect severely on her position in the story from thereon, with her eventually confronting him about the matter.[27] The mystery regarding the Imagine Breaker would later become a prominent part of the latter half of the God's Right Seat Arc after Fiamma of the Right is introduced, which would later cast a long shadow for much of the series.

Concurrent scenes

Lidvia and Biagio are being interrogated by Stiyl Magnus.

Intending to find a way against the mysterious organization that is central to the chaos surrounding the world, the Anglican Church sends Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis to interrogate two high-ranked members of the Roman Catholic Church detained in the Tower of London, Lidvia Lorenzetti and Biagio Busoni. Biagio sees them and his supreme arrogance still seeps through his weary visage and defies Stiyl and Agnese's presence, telling Stiyl to bring out the famous torture. He glares at Stiyl which makes Agnese shudder for she was under him and that she did him wrong, though Biagio makes no regard of her. But Biagio is not the only arrogant one, as Stiyl tells him not to underestimate Necessarius, for there are many ways to get information from them without having them alive. Lidvia then speaks. She tells Stiyl that they too do not care for trivial things such as that as well, but asks what is happening outside. To which Stiyl says that she can make a guess on what was happening outside. Lidvia's expression faltered, as she cared for the weak as there were the ones Lidvia reached out to. However, Biagio can only give a harrumph at the situation. Lidvia then says something which shocks and then irritates Biagio, have everyone in the tower released in exchange for what she knows. Stiyl does not yield, and in response to this, Lidvia with simple chanting has the Roman Catholic Church cross Agnese Sanctis has in her person to allow her to escape from her bonds. With a broken metal of her shackles did Lidvia threaten Stiyl with it, and in turn, he threaten her with his rune card. Agnese having recovered from the shock, took her arm with her, the Lotus Wand, but Stiyl signed not to interfere. He asks her if she though that he would allow her to take his life so easily, and Lidvia responds that she has no choice so long as he does not yield. But Stiyl remains firm in not having Lidvia get her way, and here tells her that Oriana has already negotiated with the Anglican Church and that their minds have been preoccupied with the same thoughts, to help the weak in the dark days ahead. Hearing this, Lidvia lays down her attack. Sitting down, she now confides to them the secret of the God's Right Seat.[28]

Regarding them, Lidvia says that they are a group working to obtain victory over original sin, surprising both Agnese and Stiyl. As Lidvia mentions that there is someone who does not have the original, Agnese asks who it is, to which Stiyl glares as a response. It is revealed to be the Holy Virgin Mary.[29] Agnese and Stiyl witnesses Lidvia's explanation on what she deems is God's Right Seat's true goals, which is to completely remove their original sin in order to attain some grand goal. Stiyl later exits the building with Agnese, discussing the veracity of Lidvia's statements. Stiyl suggests that they should take a break, to which Agnese responds that she wants to get it over with as soon as possible.[30]

After Stiyl and Agnese returns from brief sojourn, Lidvia says that the God's Right Seat's goal is to attain the right seat of God, a position that was once of Lucifer before his fall, a position that was equal to God. Lidvia states that God's Right Seat, once attaining the position on being the right side of God they will be able to use that power to evolve into an existence different again from an angel, which is the La Persona Superiore a Dio. This makes both Stiyl and Agnese frown at the thought.[3]


  1. The use of the Earth Blade instead to attack the palace was a deliberate change by Accelerator, who was part of the group sent to Avignon to destroy the Document of Constantine and kill Terra of the Left. The reason being is that the original plan called for the complete annihilation of the city, leaving those who were left behind by the Powered Suits to be killed by the HsB-02's attacks. Accelerator inadvertently saved Touma's life in the process.


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