Dual Skill (多重能力者 (デュアルスキル) Tajū Nōryokusha (Dyuaru Sukiru)?, lit. "Multiplex Power User", Yen Press: double esper) is a term used to refer to a theoretical phenomenon where an esper can have more than one psychic ability.

Principles[edit | edit source]

Everyone who partakes in the Power Curriculum Program has the potential to manifest an ability of their own, however, only one type of ability can manifest within an esper.[1][2] For instance an esper who has an ability to specifically control fire cannot control water. An esper having more than one ability has been concluded as a theoretical impossibility, though this does not stop researchers from putting the theory to the test. According to Tsukuyomi Komoe, espers' brains cannot handle too many abilities.[3]

According to Accelerator, the now-defunct Special Ability Institute partook in experiments regarding Dual Skill and used Child Errors in their experiments. Anti-Skill – specifically Yomikawa Aiho's team – however caught up with the facility and dismantled it.[2]

It is later revealed that if Takitsubo Rikou ever become a Level 5, her ability would encompass the control of espers' Personal Realities themselves, allowing for Dual Skill to exist.[4]

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