Dusk Waiting to Awaken (目覚め待つ宵闇 Mezame Matsu Yoiyami?) is a British magic cabal, that is behind the initial events which occur in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test.


The cabal researches barriers in existing magical systems and creates new spells to deal with these weaknesses.[1]

The cabal believe that there is a lost magical system which used to exist and have been trying to recreate it by putting together eastern and western spells, both old and new, to create something identical to it. In order to make more progress in recovering this lost system, the cabal sought a way to increase their learning speed, leading to their attempt to create a new booster spell called Blank Paper.[2]

One research subject of particular interest to the cabal is the margin of error within which a spell can function outside of its proper formula, which could be used to rearrange existing magic systems, either to construct new spells and artifacts or to modify existing systems which are in use by various organizations. This is a vital component required for the construction of Blank Paper.[3]

Many members of the cabal taking part in the operation at Stonehenge make use of magic based on the Cthulhu Mythos, considered as a potential gear in the system they seek.[2]


On August 2nd, three years before the current year of the story timeline, the cabal carried out an experiment in the Pacific involving summoning the sunken city of R'lyeh from the Cthulhu Mythos, in order to acquire certain inspiration and information to overcome a dead end in their research. The ceremony caused 103 people on the resource extraction ship Condor to go insane. However the experiment ended in failure.[1]

Due to the experiment's failure, the cabal lost a lot of resources, forcing the cabal's leader, Arlands Darkstreet, to go into finance in order to help it recover and to acquire the materials they needed to progress further.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission TestEdit

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When the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church were undergoing an entrance exam for Necessarius, a group from the cabal interfered with communications between them and the test supervisor, Freadia Strikers, in order to pose as the Amakusa and obtain the free pass rewarded for passing the test.[4]

After obtaining the pass, their leader, Flack Anchors, made contact with Freadia, with the group posing as Necessarius reinforcements for hunting down the now-suspect Amakusas. Suggesting the grimoires in the city library as the Amakusas' target, Flack and his group went with Freadia to the library, thus slipping through surveillance. Once there, the group proceeded to look for the Necronomicon, with Flack dealing with Freadia. The Amakusas arrived and the group engaged them in battle. They were eventually being defeated but using the battle as a cover, they succeeded in transmitting the contents of the grimoire via sound before falling victim to its effects.[5]

After receiving the contents, losing a few subordinates in the process [5], Arlands Darkstreet took the Necronomicon and headed for a float they had prepared in the Strait of Dover for the ceremony, contacting the other groups en route to have them complete their preparations. After arriving, he gave orders for the necessary sections to be read by several sacrificial pawns and wrote the symbols for the ritual in blood before starting the ceremony.[3]

With observed conditions on the float made to emulate R'lyeh, the ritual proceeded, with Cthulhu partially emerging, but the Amakusa managed to thwart Arlands by tampering with the altered conditions and observational equipment to end the ceremony early. However the information the cabal was after, the margin of error within which a spell can function outside of its proper formula, was successfully transmitted to another group, led by Vase, who then proceeded to Stonehenge in order to create a new spell, Blank Paper.[3]

After applying spells to deal with some potential witnesses, the group began picking off the Anglicans stationed around Stonehenge, isolating them so that the others would know what was happening. Once they dealt with a number of Anglican groups, they gathered in the middle of the circle and began to apply the experimental data to interfering with Stonehenge. While a subordinate took over the process, Vase led the others in dealing with the arrival of the Amakusa. The battle between the two came to an abrupt end with the sudden arrival of Freadia Strikers, who used a special armor from the Sword Sanctuary to dispatch both groups.[2]

The Dusk Waiting to Awaken members were then collected alongside the Amakusa by a Necessarius retrieval team. However while they were being transported, the convoy was attacked by Emilie Fordia, a magician hired to assassinate Freadia for the Pound Economy's scheme. The cabal members, Amakusas and Anglicans alike were then dragged to a nearby field to be used as hostages.[2] However they were spared the fate of being executed after Freadia managed to incapacitate Emilie using Vase's trapezohedron.[6]



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