Edge_Bee (ヤイバのハチ (Edge_Bee) ?) is technology developed by Academy City. It is a drone that is used for reconnaissance purposes.


The Edge_Bees are the drones directed by the Bee Launcher used by Silvercross Alpha, a Freshmen's member.

The Edge_Bees are circularly shaped with a radius of about 70 cm. The inside of their metal border contains two sets of propellers that look like shampoo hats. These propellers provide lift and propulsion. The propellers are hollow on the inside. They have a chainsaw surrounding the circular border and the name Edge_Bee printed on top of that border.[1]


Freshmen ArcEdit

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The Edge_Bees first appeared being used by Silvercross Alpha in pursuing and eliminating Hamazura Shiage and Fremea Seivelun. Despite running into swarms and being ambushed by them, Shiage managed to discover and exploit the weaknesses of the Edge_Bees, as well as disabling more than half a dozen.[2]


What is interesting about the Edge_Bee's chainsaw is its purpose not to initially cut through things, but to grab an object stationary or thrown, use centrifugal force to add force, and launch an object with deadly accuracy at targets. The weakness of the Edge_Bee was the fact it can't "grab" objects thrown at it in an angle it can't reach and materials that would break glass and possibly become lodged.

The chainsaw can also be used to cut objects (like a door or even a person) though Hamazura Shiage noted that it didn't cut cleanly like a normal chainsaw; instead the door they cut seemed torn by numerous fingers.

The most terrifying part of the Edge_Bee is the fail-safe built into it when it is no longer fully functional, to prevent from being used, or catch off-guard targets. When it self-destructs, the Bee becomes like a claymore mine launching hundreds of three J-shaped fishing hooks.


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