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Edward Berridge (エドワード=ベリッジ Edowādo Berijji?) is a posthumous character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.


Berridge appears to be dressed as medic, wearing a moss-green military uniform with no camouflage markings, with small bags of bandages and disinfectant here and there.[1]


Berridge is described as one of the few faithful servants Mathers can place full trust in.[1]


At some point after his death, Edward Berridge was reproduced along with other members of the Golden Dawn by Coronzon, through the application of Tarot-based grimoires, as part of her anti-Crowley countermeasures.[2][3]


Coronzon Arc[]

Main article: Coronzon Arc

During the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom, Berridge was among the reproduced members of the Golden Dawn who confronted Aleister Crowley in the graveyard of Westminster Abbey.[4] After Mathers wiped out the Crowley's Hazards and sent the other members after Aleister, Berridge declared that it would be over in five minutes,[1] only to be shamed when it didn't come to pass.[5] When Mathers' defenses were breached by a combination of an Academy City orbital laser and Accelerator's redirection at the Isis-Urania Temple, Berridge tackled him out of the path of the laser and was destroyed, revealing the true nature of the reproduced Golden Dawn.[2]


Described by Aleister Crowley as a magical medicine specialist and 'insurance' for the rest of the cabal, Berridge uses a reflective tablet which 'redirects' impurities in order to heal.[4]


  • In real life, Edward William Berridge was a member of the Golden Dawn, who joined in 1889 and was the one who introduced A.E. Waite to the group. He was apparently the only senior Adept in London who remained loyal to Mathers during 1900 revolt.

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