Edward Torke (エドワード=トーキー Edowādo Tōkī ?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a businessman who is one of the few people Saronia A. Irivika controlled using her magic. He is the would-be assassin of Roseline Krackhart.


As a businessman, it is only proper for him to wear an appropriate attire. In his only appearance he wore a custom-made suit that is describe as not the nicest of all.[1]


Prior to his introduction, Edward Torke's mind was taken over Saronia, and was manipulated by her that he was supposed to conduct a meeting with a local fishing union in Hotel Firefly-Room 4911 (in reality, some other place), using his propensity for carrying a four inch revolver and jumping into conclusions to her advantage.

He had plans on creating a foothold in the business of manufacturing and selling a health drink based on deep sea water.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

Main article: Hawaii Invasion Arc

He first appears in Hotel Firefly's front parking lot after illegally parking his vehicle. Totally unaware of his purpose or surroundings, Edward is immediately struck down by a falling billboard and taken into the sewers by Accelerator. Here, Leivinia Birdway takes her time in analyzing Saronia's magic.[2]

It is later discovered he was one of three potential assassins of the Presidential Aide. Edward's defeat would trigger Saronia to use her unwilling pawns to take down all the members of the Kamijou Faction that came to Hawaii, along with Leivinia Birdway, and the President of the United States, after Saronia finally figures out the exact number of people involved that is against her.[3]


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