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Egeskov Castle and the lake.

Egeskov Castle (イーエスコウ城 Īesukou-jō?) (Danish: Egeskov Slot) is a Renaissance water castle found on the island of Funen, Denmark. A tourist attraction for the island, the lake where it stands is where Othinus sacrificed her right eye to become a Magic God an unknown number of phase shifts ago.


20 kilometers south of Odense,[1] the castle is made of brick and constructed atop a foundation of countless oaks. Constructed in the 14th century, the castle is still a major tourist attraction and a great boon for Odense and other nearby cities. There is a nearby train station.[2]

Mímir's SpringEdit

Mímir's Spring or Mímir's Well (ミミルの泉 Mimiru no Izumi?) refers to the lake where the castle is constructed. As explained by Idol Theory, the lake represents the spring of Mímir where Odin, chief god of Norse Mythology, offered his eye to attain wisdom.

Prior to the construction of the castle and countless phase shifts ago, Othinus sacrificed her right eye and threw it into the lake as part of an enormous ritual, referred to as a ceremonial act of destruction and systematic sacrifice by Othinus,[3] to have the special body of a Magic God,[4] The castle was later constructed without anyone knowing what had occurred there.[5]

When Othinus retrieved her eye from the lake, she muttered a chant or incantation and then the entire lake emitted a blue light that quickly condensed into a single point, which is her eye. Her eye however is different from a human eye as it appears as a blue sphere and is hard like a jewel. It is apparently because the structure of a human and a magic god like was fundamentally different. If it is inserted into her right eye socket, Othinus will cease to become a magic god and return to becoming human.[4]


Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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VS the WorldEdit

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The battle with the Almighty Thor begins.

As Touma and Othinus got closer to the castle the entirety of GREMLIN's forces were already at the Castle waiting there for their former leader. As Hel, Jörmungandr and Fenrir casually discuss the current situation, they were only knew Othinus' destination because of their understanding of her past though they did not completely understand the significance of the place itself. They also callously mention the appearances of other members though do not at all comment about Marian's and Mjölnir's absence from gathering. A great clamor goes up as the crowd parts to reveal Thor who decided to come only because he thought it would be fun. He then suggests to those gathered that they should decide on a representative for when Othinus arrives, as it was his idea they inadvertently accept his means of on the selection process, which turned out to be a battle royal of the members present.[5] When Touma and Othinus arrive they find Thor causally sitting atop a pile of GREMLIN members, who happily greets both of them before he throws down his challenge to them. Othinus realizes that he must be channeling Almighty Thor due to Mjölnir's absence, none the less Touma accepts the challenge declaring it to be a one on one fight to which Thor is ecstatic to hear and then begins his unstoppable assault.[6]

Touma after seeing this ability a few times he realizes how it works, he starts leading Thor away from the castle so far that it vanishes from sight.[7] The battle eventually leads them to a set of train tracks where the almighty god is hit by a 12-car freight train, because he was so focused on keeping up his relentless attack on Touma he did not notice it until it was too late.[2] As the defeated Thor lay on the ground where he congratulates Touma before telling him to hurry back to Othinus.[8]

While Touma and Thor fought, Othinus went to the lake and retrieved her eye, after retrieving it just as the battle was finishing. At this point in time she began to question her self and wonder if she had the right to be saved especially after all the pain Touma had gone through in order to protect her on their journey to the castle.[4] The area around the castle then shook and Touma once again bore witnesses the appearance of Othinus' crossbow taking form, whereupon seeing this he rushed back to the castle calling out to her to not give up.[9]

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Touma embracing Othinus as she fades.

A little way aways Ingrid Martin, Sasha Kreutzev, Vasilisa, and Lessar were all watching the scene unfold from a short distance. After Ingrid finished relaying the course of events to Roberto Katze he comments that he has made up his mind on what to do. The others then come out of hiding revealing they had been there the whole time having arrived before Ingrid, with Lessar also pointing out the odd black cat nearby.[10] As the planet creaked and groaned from the power of the crossbow Touma ran forwards calling out to Othinus. As her body continued to deteriorate from the effects of the fairy spell she opened fire on him. Despite faced with what had finally brought him down in journey through infinite hells, he did not hesitate in charging forwards even as multiple shots only just missed him. As he came closer and closer to the final arrow once again he swung his right hand with all his might and managed to change the trajectory of the deadly arrow. He continued running forward and grabbed Othinus and then pulled her into a hug reminding her that he said he would save her, even as she crumbled in his arms smiling happily.[11]

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