Egypt (エジプト Ejiputo?), also known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country located in Northern Africa.[1]


The history of Egypt goes back as far as the 6th-4th millennia BCE, one of the longest among the world's countries. The civilization of ancient Egypt, forming around 3100 BC, was responsible for some of the earliest developments of key aspects of human civilization, such as writing, agriculture, urbanization, organized religion and central government. Egyptian Mythology was the mythology and religion of this culture. This civilization lasted for several millennia, eventually disappearing around the beginning of the Common Era, as Egypt was annexed by the Roman Empire.

In the past, Egypt has been visited by various European magicians who had reached a dead-end in their research and sought new material elsewhere to make a breakthrough, with various records on Egyptian Mythology left behind and Egypt being geographically convenient for them, positioned at the top of Africa.[2] Like many other magicians, Aleister Crowley traveled to Egypt and incorporated the names of Isis, Osiris and Horus into his concept of Aeons.[2]

In 1904, while in Egypt on his honeymoon, Aleister Crowley contacted the entity Aiwass using his wife Rose Edith Kelly as a medium and obtained secret knowledge which he would compile into the Book of the Law.[3][2]


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Leep, the magician who targets Index Librorum Prohibitorum for her knowledge of the Book of the Dead, is Egyptian.[4]

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Following the temporary sealing of Coronzon and the evacuation of Academy City, Aleister and Kamijou Touma's group travelled through several countries on their way to the United Kingdom. In Egypt, near an oasis in the desert, they left Lilith Crowley in Mina Mathers' care in an RV.[1][5] Heaven Canceller later made his way to their location, after healing Kihara Noukan who subsequently accompanied him, in order to create a proper body for Lilith.[6]

After Coronzon succeeding in freeing herself from her bonds, the RV in the Egyptian desert was among the various targets across the world subjected to her remote attacks, before it was borne aloft by Lilith's power and left for the UK.[7][8][9]

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