Eiker Lugoni (エーカー=ルゴーニ Ēkā Rugōni?) is a minor character in Toaru Majutsu no Index. A French terrorist, he along with his accomplice Musset, was involved in the Sky Bus 365 terrorist incident, but was thwarted by the efforts of Kamijou Touma and Stiyl Magnus.


Patriotic to France to a fault, Eiker is very anti-England, and sees the country as already guilty for putting France in a troublesome situation, without any evidence at all and contradicting information. He is willing to sacrifice lives even his own to do his mission.[1]


As part of a French anti-English organization, Eiker believes that the Eurotunnel bombing, which is hurting both of England and France's economies, is all England's fault and swore to do an equal amount of damage to it through stopping England's air routes.[2] To do this, the terrorists wanted the destruction of the master recorders for the 4 major airlines in the United Kingdom.[3]

Wanting to hijack a plane without any weapons, the terrorists strike a deal with several organizations for information and shelter in exchange for teaching them what they knew.[1] With this, the group is able to make use of the information given to them about Sky Bus 365 stopping at France to be used to transport goods, and chooses it as its target.[4] Knowing of the structural defect in the Sky Bus 365's model, the terrorists take flights on planes with the same model as "practice runs". These planes are Flight 5991 from Paris to Moscow, Flight 4135 from Neath to New York, and Flight 7558 from Marseille to Beijing, cutting their engines for 15 seconds during mid-flight during their tests.[5] Armed with this knowledge, one of them then sends an e-mail threatening the airliner and specifically mentions the structural defect of Sky Bus 365's model likely to add weight to their threat.[5]

Eiker meanwhile, has Musset apparently board the plane apparently at Academy City in the business class section of the plane. He would also book a seat next to a square portion of the plane that can be removed easily[4] under a false name.[6] This is where they can take advantage of the structural defect in the Sky Bus 365, and use it to make it crash.[7] Eiker gives Musset a notepad containing vital information to the plan, like the seat plan for the flight, and instructs him not to look on it if he didn't have to, and only recheck it if it is important.[6] Musset also had with him a cell phone with a program that if he is able to connect to Sky Bus 365's system, then he will be able to infect it and cripple its emergency landing stabilizer.[8][3] From then on, he would likely force the plane to do an emergency "belly landing". He also arms himself a knife made from animal bone, allowing it to go by metal detectors undetected.[9] Later, after the plane lands in Paris to transport the goods, Eiker will smuggle himself into the plane's cargo hold. He would bring with him a collection of explosives, intending to bring down the plane if their primary failed.[10] Basically, the plan was to manipulate the emergency landing stabilizers and threaten to crash the plane if the United Kingdom doesn't destroy its master recorders for the airlines, if that fails then they will be forced to make use of the second plan, where the plane would be threatened in being blown up instead.

On October 17 of the current year of the timeline, the airliner was scheduled to fly from School District 23 in Academy City to Edinburgh, Scotland. Eiker is in the Paris airport where the plane is to land in order to aid the delivery of goods. Here, Eiker Lugoni, disguising himself as a worker for the airport in Paris,[1] sneaks into the cargo hold, in the center section where the goods are kept.[1]


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During the terrorist incident, Eiker waited in the cargo hold of the Sky Bus 365 with a collection of explosives, intended to bring down the plane if their primary plan failed. As time passed by, it became obvious to Eiker that Musset has failed with the primary plan. Eiker considers making his move but decides to wait a little longer. He then hears some noises coming from the ventilation ducts in the ceiling. Thinking, despite the fact that he knew no one should be able to fit, that someone might be coming through it, he fires at where the metal was being bent and is then covered by hot tea. He is then asked by Kamijou Touma, who had entered the cargo hold unnoticed by matching the hatch opening and closing with the gunshots, if he knew about thermal expansion. Eiker spins around with his gun, but before he can fire, Touma throws a bucket of boiling coffee he carried with him at Eiker.
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E10 19m 43s

Touma faces Eiker

Touma then kicks Eiker's gun away into the puddle while Eiker writhes in pain. Eiker however then grabs Touma but the collar, lifts him up and slams him to the floor. He then draws a large dagger and swings it down Touma's face. Touma swings his face to the side to avoid the strike, at which point the dagger breaks in two. Eiker tries to bring the dagger down for another attack, but Touma grabs the broken portion and thrusts it into Eiker's thigh. As Touma rolls away, Eiker grabs his handgun.[1]

Furious, Eiker says that he will bring down the plane, blaming England for the damage that was caused on France by the Eurotunnel explosion, and wanting to strike the same amount of damage to it. Touma argues back that there is no proof or reason for England to destroy it's only land route to France, and also argues is that not only is England suffering, France is also aiding the country as well. Eiker then states that it isn't something he'd need worry about as he is going die there. Eiker tries to pull the trigger, but finds out that the gun isn’t firing, due to some of its parts expanding while being submerged in hot coffee. Pointing this out, Touma then punches him several times and knocking him down.[1]

Just as Touma is about to relax, Eiker has already stood up and has grabbed a grenade with him. Touma tries to get grab Eiker's arms, but he is faster and has already reached for the pin. Just before he can pull it, the two hears Stiyl Magnus, telling Touma that he is still an amateur and him hesitating in taking a life endangers others.[1] With that Stiyl uses his flame sword to pierce the hull of the plane in the cargo hold. As the air rushed out, Eiker's body got sucked towards the hole, plugging it. Stiyl tells Touma that the plane is landing in 10 minutes, wondering if Eiker can survive his ordeal. He tells Touma that since he bear's being Index's manager, he would like for him to show him his resolve. As Eiker screams in pain as his flesh is being sucked into the hole, he tries to pull the pin, but Touma knocks the grenade away. He then tells Eiker to hang in there.[11]

It is likely that both Musset and Eiker are later taken in by the authorities after the plane safely lands.


  • (To Touma, from Volume 17): "...I will bring down this plane... The Eurotunnel explosion damaged France greatly. That’s why we have to cause the same amount of damage to them. They took out the land route, so we’ll take out the air route!!"


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