Ekalielya A. Pronskaya (エカリエーリャ=A=プロンスカヤ Ekarierya A Puronsukaya?) is a Russian Air Force pilot who participates in World War III.[1][2][3]


In the anime, Ekalielya is depicted with brown hair.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

World War III ArcEdit

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On October 30th, Ekalielya and her fellow pilots were engaged in a battle with Academy City's HsF-00s and severely outmatched. Thinking about how ridiculous the meaning of 'Hard Science' (the name given to the enemy machines) was when they seemed like something of the occult, she tried to search for a way out of her situation. However, a communication from an enemy pilot and the actions carried out by the enemy craft quickly shot down her options.

As her teammates were shot down, the enemy pilot introduced himself and continued his transmission in a carefree manner, saying how they were making sure that they didn't kill them. Angered at being mocked, Ekalielya yelled back at them, asking why they don't get crushed by the inertial forces. She shuddered when the enemy pilot revealed that they had been frozen and put on life-support in order to withstand the forces involved, with electrical signals from their brains being used to fly the fighter. The enemy then prepared to shoot her down.[1]

Both Ekalielya and the HsF-00 pilot were startled and confused when Fuse Kazakiri suddenly shot past them on her way to Russia.[2][3] After learning of plans to use the Kremlin Report despite the harm it would do to the Russian people and with a bit of convincing, Ekalielya and her fellow pilots let some craft pass in order to deal with it.[2][4]


As a pilot in the Russian Air Force, Ekalielya is trained in aerial combat and in flying fighter planes such as the Sukhoi.[1]


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