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Sisters' Electron (NV) Goggles

Electron (NV) Goggles (電子(NV)ゴーグル Denshi (NV) Gōguru?) are the famous goggles that are worn by all the Misaka clones that have been created for the Level 6 Shift other than Last Order.


Colored black, in its preliminary designs along with the design for the clones, it looked like ordinary goggles. However, upon the light novel illustrations, it has now gained its current appearance, with part of the goggles, covering the glass horizontally for some reason. It glows in the dark.


As the name implies, it is a night vision goggles, allowing for the user to see in the dark.[1] Moreover, it allows the user to visualize different electric or magnetic fluxes.[2]

If connected to the FN F2000R Toy Soldier, it allows for greater accuracy when using it.[3][4]