Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory (Exterior)

Exterior of the Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory

The Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory (素粒子工学研究所 Soryūshi Kōgakukenkyūsho?) is a building located near the Kirigaoka Girls' Academy in District 18 of Academy City.[1]


The building was a laboratory used to study elementary particles. For this goal, it had the Tweezers kept and stored inside the building.[1] It was a reinforced concrete square building.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Battle Royale ArcEdit

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

Due to the attempted assassination of Oyafune Monaka by SCHOOL, the security at the lab was disrupted. Some of its private guards were called in and some equipment was being transported. SCHOOL had planned for this and broke into it in an attempt to steal the Tweezers that were being kept there. ITEM figured out their plan and met them at the laboratory.[1] Due to this, a battle between SCHOOL and ITEM ensued, and a large majority of the building was destroyed. Yobou Banka was killed during their battle.[2][3]


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