Elizalina (エリザリーナ Erizarīna?) is a magician, the twin sister of the Maiden of Versailles and the ruler of a country named after herself which has recently gained independence from Russia.


A blonde haired woman with slightly sunken eyes. She possesses a physique so frail that one would worry for her health more than being aroused by beauty.[3] She wears a light brown fur coat and has her hair unkempt.


She is well loved by her citizens who called her a "saint" (聖女 Seijo?) when she fought against the Russians to gain Elizalina's independence. She is also quite intelligent as she laid down the foundation for various countries to become independent both politically and economically.[3]

She is shown to have a somewhat antagonistic relationship with her twin.[1]


World War III ArcEdit

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Volume 21

During World War III, she agrees to help Kamijou Touma and Lessar against God's Right Seat's Fiamma of the Right but only until they help her make Sasha Kreutzev leave her country as she doesn't want to be involved in the war between Academy City and Russia. However, Fiamma attacks her palace and proceeds to defeat Elizalina, her guards, Touma, Lessar,[3][4] Vento of the Front and succeeds in capturing Sasha.[5][6]

She is later heard by her sister and Princess Carissa, guiding them while they're dealing with rampant manifestations of Telesma.[1]


Elizalina's magic

Elizalina casting her defensive spell.

As a sorcerer, she is a magic user who focuses more on teaching others than on herself, hence how she was able readjust the religious base of the Alliance, set up magical security systems, and successfully trained and produced magicians able to fight,[2] enough that they can push back the Russian Orthodox magicians attempting to damage the Alliance,[3] like deflecting their curses.[2]

During the fight against Fiamma of the Right, she demonstrated further magical aptitude by being able to improvise on the spot a spiritual item using a blue candy wrapper and a glass of water, which created a water magic spell.[3] She also has a defensive spell, characterized by her body glowing in a pale light, that was powerful enough to partially block an attack by Fiamma's Third Arm.[3] It is stated during the fight that she has magic based behind the principle of the Right Hand, which is activated by making complex motions with her fingers, but its effect besides glowing fingertips are unknown as she is interrupted before she can complete it.[3]

She is also knowledgeable in medicinal plants similar to narcotics capable of removing toxins within the body, enough that she could cure Takitsubo's Body Crystal poisoning.[7][8]

She can communicate telepathically by unknown magical means.[1]

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design EvolutionEdit

Her design remains static throughout her appearances. Like her sister, she was designed by Haimura to look like supermodels with an odd sense of style, but had a sense of being unhealthy,[9] as such, Haimura made her look gaunt, and had her eyes deep set.



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