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For the leader of the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations, see Elizalina.

The Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations (エリザリーナ独立国同盟 Erizarīna Dokuritsu Gokudōmei?), also known as Elizalina Alliance (エリザリーナ同盟 Erizarīna Dōmei?) is an international alliance of nations and countries who had split up from Russia. The most well known member of its alliance is the country of Elizalina, both named after their leader Elizalina.

With its formation, Aiwass commented that there are many different kinds of knowledge and technology untouched by Aleister Crowley, with magic being a huge part of it.[1][2]


The alliance is a collection of smaller countries that declared independence because they did not agree with what Russia has been doing in recent years.[3] The structure of the alliance is similar to that of the European Union, having their own currency and not needing a passport to travel between the countries in the alliance.[4]

Because of their declaration of independence, Russia is hostile to these countries, viewing them as a nuisance,[4] as the formation of the alliance allowed for landlocked countries within it access to a route to Eastern Europe, freeing the countries who were under the indirect influence of Russia. As a result, Russia is antagonistic to the alliance and the countries within it.[5]

It seems that most countries besides Russia officially recognized the states's secession, such as France.[6]


A bird's eye view of Elizalina in the anime.

The countries that form the alliance are to the west of Russia. The countries are usually landlocked, but now, as an alliance, they have access to the sea and Eastern Europe.[5]

Climate is similar to that of Russia, being covered in snow by the end of October.[7]

The countries comprising the alliance's landmass are apparently quite narrow, being about 300 kilometers long.[5]


The small countries that formed the alliance declared independence because they did not agree with what Russia has been doing in recent years.[3]

Because of their declaration of independence and the opening of an access route to Eastern Europe which freed the landlocked countries from its indirect influence, Russia is hostile to the alliance and its countries, viewing them as a nuisance.[5][4]


British Royal Family Arc

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Prior to the ultimatum given by Russia to Academy City, the countries of the alliance were already being attacked by Russia due to the fact that they were confident that the alliance with the Roman Catholic Church would help them win the war. Despite the Russo-Elizalina conflict, Vento of the Front took Sasha Kreutzev there, confident that Russia would not indiscriminately bomb the countries that had declared independence as Sasha was an important target for Fiamma of the Right's plans.[3]

World War III Arc

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The Elizalina Alliance and the region of Russia near to it was the first place outside of Academy City where the three main male protagonists gathered at the same time, for different reasons.[1][2] Kamijou Touma was there to rescue Index and defeat Fiamma of the Right after the events of the British Halloween.[3][1] Accelerator was there to find the clue that Aiwass gave on how to save Last Order's life. Hamazura Shiage unintentionally headed there after defeating Mugino Shizuri for a second time and escaping the city with Takitsubo Rikou on a Supersonic Passenger Plane in order to avoid assassination by operatives acting on Aleister's orders.[1][2]

Fiamma attacks the Elizalina Alliance.

On October 30th, Kamijou Touma and Lessar first entered the Elizalina Alliance in an effort to prevent Fiamma of the Right from getting his hands on Sasha Kreutzev.[8] During their meeting with Elizalina herself, Fiamma attacked with a 40km long flaming sword, causing considerable damage to the local settlement in the process.

Damage from Fiamma's initial attack.

Despite Touma, Lessar and Elizalina's efforts, as well as the intervention of Vento of the Front, Fiamma overwhelmed them and managed to capture Sasha before leaving.[8][9][10]

Touma and Lessar subsequently left after Fiamma,[11] while Accelerator entered the country after his clash with Touma, together with Last Order and Misaka Worst.[12] Hamazura Shiage also headed there after Academy City forces turned up near to the nearby village he was at, encountering Accelerator on the way.[13]

A few hours prior to the rise of the Star of Bethlehem, Russia faxed the original Kremlin Report and supplementary documents detailing variables for the spread of its bacteriological weapon to the Elizalina Alliance, framing their usage at the disused nuclear silo near Digurv's village (which had previously requested to be taken into the Alliance) as a warning.[14]

List of known characters from the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations


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