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Elizard (エリザード Erizādo?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is the reigning monarch, the Queen Regnant, of the United Kingdom. She is the mother of Riméa, Carissa, and Villian. As the monarch, she carries with her the replica of supposedly lost Curtana the Sword of Mercy with the Curtana Second. When her daughter, Carissa, retrieves the Curtana Original and takes control of the Knights of England and starts a coup d'état, she and along with Archbishop Laura Stuart are detained in Windsor Castle. They later escape and tries to aid the resistance formed by the Anglican Church. In the end, she joins the Battle of Buckingham Palace and uses the power of the spiritual item Union Jack and drain the power of Curtana, empowering the citizens of the United Kingdom, specifically London, against Carissa.

She later plays a large role in the international coalition against the rising threat of GREMLIN and Magic God Othinus, and her and President of the United States Roberto Katze to personally impart the punishment of the world to the weakened Magic God.


Elizard of course appears as an aged woman, being 50 years old. Her skin and hair were beginning to show age. In spite of this, she however had a demeanor or "core" that outdid someone of Touma's age. She's also described as looking like a model English lady.[1]

She is always depicted wearing a long dress that covered even the tips of her toes. The dress was colored white and black.[1] Finally, she also wears a golden crown on her head.


Elizard acts goofy and casual to people she knows and even to those she doesn't know. This is shown before and during her meeting with Index and Kamijou Touma, not wanting to wear her dress as well as wanting to surprise them with her electric guitar.[1] In spite of this, she is a strong leader and pragmatic leader, as shown when she was willing to send normal military personnel against Touma instead of magicians, during times of crisis.[3]

Kamachi Kazuma states that Elizard is the ideal leader and that her personality is the perfect balance between that of her three daughters.[4]


She was crowned as the monarch of the United Kingdom, likely in Westminster Abbey with Curtana Second used in the ceremony,[5] though it is unknown when she ascended the throne. She bore her first daughter and the first princess, Riméa, in her early 20s,[1] her second, Carissa, in her upper 20s,[1] and her third, Villian, in her 30s.[6] When her daughters were growing up, she set up a policy of non-interference with them, intending to have them to grow independently and not rely on her.[7]

She and the rest of the British Royal Family warmly invited the mercenary William Orwell into joining the ranks of the Knights of England due to his work for the benefit of Great Britain, finally forcing William to accept becoming one, albeit begrudgingly.[8]

Ten years prior to the start of the current year of the timeline, politicians that were part of the British Royal Family,[7] desire the territories in South America that was controlled by the Spanish Astrological Sect during the Age of Discovery and wanted it for England and expand its influence, and had allowed the sect to capture Princess Villian and her royal carriage.[9] After the events were resolved, though leading to William Orwell leaving Great Britain and his future of becoming a knight, Elizard would later give the politicians severe punishment using Curtana Second.[7]

Two years prior to the start of the series, after Index had finished reading 103,000 grimoires, Laura Stuart and the Church became concerned with the power Index held, being able to neutralize all magic using the books, believing that they could not trust her to not betray and use the grimoires against them. Laura had John's Pen and its Collar implanted into Index, to protect the grimoires from enemies and to keep a tight leash on Index respectively. Queen Elizard is complicit to this, and as an additional security for Index, each of them gain an external remote for Index's John's Pen mode.[10]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

British Royal Family Arc

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Touma and Index meet the British Royal Family during the meeting.

Elizard is first overheard by the Knight Leader as he brings Touma and Index for an audience with the British Royal Family. Here, he discovers that Elizard is complaining about her wearing her dress, forcing the Knight Leader to enter the room and scold her, and puts a stop from her showing off her electric guitar to surprise them. Later, after Touma notices the Curtana Second on Elizard's person, they start a lecture regarding the purpose and power of the sword and its connection to the history of the United Kingdom.[1]

Later, after all of the princess have gathered, Elizard suggests they move to another room where their conversation isn't recorded and not wait for the other participants or "specialists" in order to allow them to talk without reservations, much to Kanzaki Kaori and the Knight Leader's chagrin, though Carissa agrees. With the representatives of the three factions that control the United Kingdom have gathered, Riméa says that in the end the country is a kingdom, and as such it is Elizard, the monarch, who has final say on matters. After Carissa discovers Touma's role in the meeting thanks to Elizard's persuasion, they later move to another to start the meeting proper.[1] As the Eurotunnel bombing meeting in Buckingham Palace begins, she is the most vocal of the group, along with her two eldest daughters. She is the one who opens up the topics to be discussed and the one who concludes the meeting, in which they should prioritize in investigating the enemy from within the United Kingdom that tampered with Necessarius operations for the Sky Bus 365, though also investigate the bombing of the Eurotunnel with the aid of Index.[11]

Elizard later goes to Windsor Castle and meets Laura Stuart there.[12]

British Halloween
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As the coup d'état carried out by Princess Carissa with the support of the Knights of England that would come to be known as the British Halloween spreads through the entire United Kingdom, Laura and Elizard are in Windsor Castle as it is surrounded by knights, who are also trying to break down the magically sealed doors of the room they were in. Waiting for the doors to break down, the both of them enjoy their drinks. Laura is disappointed that Carissa revealed her true colors this quickly as she wanted to use Index to analyze her actions. Elizard praises Carissa's swift actions, saying that it was expected for her, though Laura states that she shouldn't take pride on a daughter that is about to strangle her. Laura asks if what Elizard is going to do, and if she still has the power of the Curtana Second. Elizard says only about a fifth of it remain her Curtana as Carissa has the rest taken with the Curtana Original.[13]

Elizard states that if the fought now her sword would be cut in half. She continues on showing her pride for her daughter, saying that no monarch was able to successfully find the Curtana Original after the revolution, and speculates that since New Light specializes in Norse spells, they may have used a spell for searching for gold veins that had been passed down in relation to the Dvergr. Seeing that Elizard is powerless against her own daughter and even praising her. Laura just simply mocks her. As she was thinking of throwing her water at Elizard, the large doors are knocked down and a dozen fully equipped knights entered with their swords already drawn. One of the knights spoke to them stating that they have taken most of the bases of the Royal Family and the Church and have succeeded in sealing almost all of their functionality. Elizard asks the knights to confirm to her that since they didn't start executions yet as the delicate 3 faction 4 culture system of the United Kingdom would resist them all at once before they could establish their new order on the country with Curtana Original. To this, the knight nods. The knight says that if they do not resist, then they will not be needlessly harmed. Elizard says that isn't Carissa's way of doing things, saying that if he didn't accurately pass on what she said then she won't be happy. Elizard continues by saying what she really thought Carissa ordered the knights to do. Elizard then says that Carissa would tell him to show no mercy if he determined that he had to kill her and to swiftly kill her even if it mean getting civilians wrapped at it. As if they had read their thoughts, the knight tightens his grip on his sword and demands for the Curtana Second and that they will be under their supervision. Hearing of the knight's apparent rudeness (referring to her as church woman), Laura says that she is one of the head of the three factions but he is treating her differently. The knight responds that they can just cut her down there, and that they are being merciful. With an unchanging expression, Laura watches Elizard relinquish Curtana Second into a scabbard the knight prepared. Laura then smiles and asks Elizard what they are going to do.[13]

Laura and Elizard are shackled with 50 different restraints, and put into carriage going to London. While being guarded by a knight opposite to their seats, Laura mocks Elizard for Carissa taking the Knights that is supposed to be loyal to her, however, Elizard counters by saying that though Laura is the head of the Church not a single magician from Necessarius have come to rescue her. Both of the faction leaders had been hoping for rescue from the other’s faction and they sighed now that they realized that wasn’t going to happen. Laura comments on the restraints accentuating her breast and that they shouldn't take her lightly, but the Queen just scoffs at her comment. Laura tries to back up her claim, saying that all restraints, torture and execution devices have been influenced by them due to the country's history with witch hunts, it would be unusual for her not to know how to remove it. Elizard expresses her doubts and believe she's just going to make a fool out of herself, but Laura insists that she can do it as the Archbishop of the Church of England and the head of Necessarius, though Elizard is unconvinced. Hearing this is as a challenge, Laura tries to prove it to Elizard. Her long blond hair suddenly glows, and though the knight notices, it is unable to stop as he thought it was a magic to make her hair unlock the restraints and not explode. The carriage blows up in a golden flash from inside. Laura is just fine but the carriage has been destroyed and the driver fell into a nearby river. Elizard is impressed at Laura's lack of common sense and tells her to unlock her restraints, but Laura just teases her, wondering what she should do with the restraints. A chill ran down Elizard's back, who then proceeds to remind Laura in the situation and the entire country they are in. But Laura still reiterates her point, wanting Elizard to apologize and beg for it, much to Elizard's irritation. Suddenly, the locks break free, as it was apparently damaged from the magical explosion. For a moment, there was silent, but then Elizard picked up the Curtana Second, to which Laura quickly tried to apologize. Elizard says that the sword is not made to harm people as it is ceremonial, though it only has enough power to sever dimensions. Laura shrunk down and trembled, thinking that the Queen would cut her down, but she merely returns the sword to its scabbard.[14]

Needing to go to London, Laura suggests to hitchhike instead of walking of foot, and tries to woo a passing truck by with her looks, though completely fails to do so. Laura suggests killing the driver, but Elizard says that the driver made the right decision. Just then, they overhear the communications of the knights on the spiritual thrown down due to Laura's explosion that Acqua of the Back has returned with Ascalon. Laura has mixed feelings with his return, but seeing as he isn't controlled by Carissa there may be still hope left, though Elizard doubts things will go smoothly. Still needing to get to London, Elizard eyes the horses that have been pulling the carriage. Elizard mounts the horse without the saddle and held the reins. Seeing this, Laura shows a mark of displeasure, and is later left behind by Elizard in her horse towards London. Laura, confident with her hitchhiking abilities stayed behind in the forest, and later is come upon by a youth and his convertible.[14]

After traveling for 50 kilometers, Elizard finally reached pasture lands, commenting how she needs to recover the Union Jack spiritual item. Laura soon catches up to them, surprising the Queen who never thought that Laura would do such an action. The youth in the car says that he was first afraid as he thought that Laura was a hitchhiking ghost but then discovered that she is an annoying pervert. He wants to throw her out, but asks the Queen that if she knows her she should take her. Elizard apologizes and takes Laura out of the car, and pulled her onto the back of the horse. The youth, seeing a real horse, decides to take a photo of it and them, much to Elizard's bemusement as she tries to make a pose. The youth remarks that he has seen her somewhere before but then mistakenly calls her one of her aunts, much to the Queen's annoyance, quickly using Curtana Second to cut the youth's car's radiator. The youth protests as well as Laura, who wanted to use the car to get to London. Elizard then regretted her actions, and took the youth with them, in the direction of London.[15]

Elizard, Rimea and Laura on horseback outside London.

They later reach the outskirts of London just as the Battle of Buckingham Palace begins with the forces of the Anglican Church against Carissa and her Curtana Original. While Elizard worries about the horse being worn out, Laura has a carefree one, commenting that riding a horse certainly wears one out when one isn't used to it, much to Elizard's irritation. Just then, Princess Riméa arrives, stating that she was waiting for her mother. Elizard asks her what she wants as she knows that she wouldn't join forces with her easily and that she would most likely just defeat her to take away the Curtana Second for her own use. Riméa admits that she had thought of that, but says she would rather use her intellect in order to play a smarter role. Elizard points out that she has spiritual items around as well as a claymore mine hidden, and asks her to disable it as it would be dangerous for cars.[7]

Riméa feeds the horse that Elizard used, which Elizard notes that Riméa truly only show her true face around those who have no political power or interests. Riméa comments on how she doesn't trust anyone who knows who she is, but wants to trust those who treat her kindly despite not knowing who she is. Elizard comments that her daughters' personalities are in the extreme. Riméa notes that it is because Elizard did not interfere when they were growing up, to which Elizard replies that if she didn't then the three of them wouldn't be independent and would have relied on her. Riméa says that Elizard interfered 10 years ago to punish the politicians that wanted to use Villian, but Elizard says that there are some actions a parent must take.[7]

The discussion shifts to Carissa's coup. Riméa believes that Carissa is trying to expand the effective area of the Curtana Original by conquering Europe, noting that it would be a disaster. Elizard adds that Carissa could easily just have knights protect the United Kingdom while Carissa attacks Europe on her own as she would be unstoppable as no human magic would be able to harm if she fully released Curtana Original's power. Riméa wonders if that truly is all Carissa wants to do, saying that she has a normal person act as a spy for New Light's base in Edinburgh and has to wait for more answers.[7]

Elizard then asks where Riméa got her food, to which she says that the Anglican Church forces had a last supper there just moments ago and left their cooking tools and equipment. Riméa notes that she has her pet dog taste them for poison, and calls out to it. She later finds her dog growling at Sphynx, and notes on how she was always interested in Asian cats as she picks it up. Elizard wonders where the Anglican Church forces are going, to which Riméa says that they are heading towards the center of London. Realizing that everyone is heading towards London and getting left behind, Elizard mounts the horse again, not full and rested after Riméa giving it food. Elizard also grabbed Laura with one hand and had her up onto the back of the horse. With them prepared to disembark, Elizards asks Laura on the preparations of the flag of the Union Jack spiritual item. Laura states that it is probably halfway done. It was mixed in with the normal displays in the British Museum, so not many people would have realized it was a spiritual item. Laura says that it should be usable if Charles Conder did what he was supposed to do. Hearing that a normal worker did the preparation under the knight's noses, Elizard has her respect for him. Before heading off to London, she mentions that the force going there are fools without a single trump card and nothing at their disposal but their fighting spirit and their guts, mentioning that she should not be blamed if they die. Riméa comments that Elizard sounds rather happy when she said that.[7]

Both Elizard and Laura Stuart enter London to stop by the British Museum in order to pick up the Union Jack spiritual item from Charles Conder before joining the battle at the palace. Laura Stuart is later left behind while Elizard continue on her own. She later meets normal people, the servants of Villian from the palace, observing the Battle of Buckingham Palace from afar, feeling powerless before the scope of the battle. Elizard asks them if the difference between them and Touma is because he has an ability in his right hand. The servants realize that Touma is not fighting because his right hand has a special power but because he chose to fight. She asks them if they have the courage needed to stand up and fight against the overwhelming fear that is threatening their country. With that, seeing as they responded positively, Elizard tells them to follow her to the battlefield, saying she'll make up for what they are lacking.[16]

After gathering up Villian's servants that have come to London on their own to aid in the battle, Elizard arrives in Buckingham Palace.[16] She quickly strikes Carissa with her Curtana Second but she manages to block it with Curtana Original, relieving Acqua of the Back and the Knight Leader from being pushed back by Carissa. Elizard states that she has come to stop her as Carissa has no plan that better than hers and even doing worse. As they clash swords with astonishing speed, Carissa points out that no matter what they have done, the clashing of two groups eventually ended with the clash of the two Curtanas, and that she will win as her Curtana Original is superior to the Queen's Curtana Second.[17]

The fight continues and the swords clash, and bit by bit Curtana Second becomes damaged by the Curtana Original. Elizard points out however the flaw in her thinking that she can change the country by using already existing systems. With that, Elizard swings the Curtana Second so hard that it escapes from her grip. This surprises Carissa enough to put her on guard as she believes Elizard is planning something. Elizard claims that what is happening is a revolution that is not using the old framework and that if Carissa is surprised by it then she is still bound by that framework. Believing that Elizard is simply trying to cheer up the panicked people and decides to respond as a tyrant would by cutting her down. She tries to use the sword to cut Elizard down but is stopped when she unfurls before her the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Union Jack spiritual item.[17]

Elizard empowers the peoples of the United Kingdom.

Carissa can only stand by and watch as Elizard uses the Union Jack to distribute the power of the Curtana Original to every British citizen, and with that all of Curtana Original lost its power.[17] Immediately after, Elizard calls out to the British people, people who loved the country and wanted it to be their homeland. She tells them that they can choose to become heroes this one night using the power that they have gained. She tells them that they can choose to help her, the coup, or even choose a third path like even returning the power, so long as they choose to use the power not under anyone else's will but of their own prerogative.[18]

With that, the people of London from different walks of life, men, women, and children, answered Elizard's call of becoming a hero. It not only included civilians but soldiers who was involved in the coup. Carissa can only curse and glare at the triumphant Elizard after the power of her Curtana Original has been drained. Elizard tells Carissa this is how one truly leads a country, but Carissa disagrees as she believes Elizard simply gave power to the people to use as her shields in order to get her position back. Elizard however tells Carissa that her ignorance comes from her royal arrogance. She tells her that it is her privileged background as royalty that allowed her to use the power of the Curtana Original, but is also why she has become arrogant, telling her that no one has decided that normal people could not use the power of the Curtana. She tells her that in her arrogance she has been blind to the fact that she was still operating under the same framework and her revolution would have changed little. She lectures her not as the Queen but as her mother, chastising her ridiculous suicide plan. She then tells her that their country isn't so weak as she seemed to think and that she will see now how the people of the United Kingdom will become heroes in order to save her, the second princess.[18]

Despite the usage of the Union Jack there is still enough power inside the Curtana Original for Carissa to threaten her mother. Her aggression however is answered by normal people empowered by Curtana Original through the United Kingdom, protecting Elizard or fighting Carissa. Seeing this, the Anglican Church forces and the knights as well regroup, with Kanzaki, the Knight Leader, and Acqua of the Back at the center. Elizard taunts Carissa, saying that she may have lost when it came to fighting with Curtana Second against Curtana Original. Carissa replies that despite the loss of her Curtana Original's power, it is still plenty enough to defeat them, though she is wavering. Elizard tells Carissa that if she loses her focus for even an instant, Curtana Original's power will be stripped away by the hands of ninety million people of the country, advising her not to neglect attacks as she tries to remain focus. As more and more people arrive to the battlefield, Elizard reminds Carissa that the more power she loses over Curtana then more it adds to their strength. Carissa doesn't believe her as their power is still less than 20% of hers, and that she believes that though the people may have power they do not have the knowledge of magic to properly wield and control it. Hearing this, Elizard agrees and says that she will have to do something, though Carissa points out she threw away Curtana Second. Elizard however mocks Carissa, saying that she is still the Queen and have the right to a single vote in this "people's general election", even if she just uses her fist like the rest of the people who has gathered there.[19] Carissa is later beaten with the combined efforts of the people in preventing her in focusing in retaining the power that is left in Curtana Original with their relentless assaults, Index's Spell Intercept, and Touma's actual destruction of the sword.[19]

Elizard and the Knight Leader after the Battle of Buckingham Palace.

After the defeat of Carissa and the destruction of the Curtana Original, Elizard picks up the Curtana Second that she has thrown away before, chipped from the battle with the original. As she thinks of having Touma destroy the sword, the Knight Leader appears and apologizes for his part of the coup and asks what they will do now. Elizard tells him not to worry about it his actions as he did what he must. Elizard tells him as well not to worry about the people discovering the truth behind the spell that empowered them, though says that even if they did discover that it was magic then they will just simply tell them that magic exists as there is no rule that says that magic should always be hidden.[10]

Later, she likely witnesses the activation of Index's John's Pen mode by Fiamma of the Right's usage of its external controller from the ruins of Buckingham Palace. After Stiyl's outburst at Laura Stuart for abusing Index, Elizard explains that the controller was a security measure from Index being abducted and that the other solution would have been to confine Index in the Tower of London with all her limbs cut off. Elizard tells Stiyl plainly that the Index Librorum Prohibitorum cannot be dealt with by only using his feelings as she believes it is better to prepare various security measures than allowing her to be killed because of the danger she poses. Hearing this, Stiyl lets go of Laura Stuart in frustration. Elizard tells Touma that since the Collar was destroyed by him it is now impossible for them to make any predictions using their original plan with the John's Pen, and that if Fiamma of the Right attempted to access her knowledge while Index is in her current state may do even more harm to her body. Elizard then takes Index's unconscious body and says that since they created the framework that now tormented Index they will be the ones that will carry out specialized healing for her and will attempt to cut off any interference from Fiamma of the Right, though notes that it will not be enough so long as Fiamma of the Right is undefeated and free to use the controller. After Touma tasks Stiyl to keep a close watch on Index while he goes to fight and beat Fiamma of the Right, Touma tells Elizard that if what Fiamma of the Right said is true then his next target would Sasha Kreutzev as a real archangel once resided in her body. Hearing this, Elizard tells Touma that she wishes to hide that they have lost control of Index as much as possible. She, however, tells that because of that reason they have no just cause to rescue Sasha. Trapped by the politics of the situation, Elizard is unable to do anything to aid Touma, though he replies that he doesn't need help and that he will go to Russia and defeat Fiamma of the Right.[10]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Magic God Othinus Arc

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GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo
Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

Prior to the joining the conference, she had apparently already sent out several magicians through their secret transportation network that allowed them to fill the entire world with those known as magicians without anyone knowing just for the task of finding Sargasso. Such a task was not in vain. For although the Sargasso is probably hidden by a special barrier, British magicians scattered throughout the world was able to detect and intercept the signal sent from within.[20] For her purposes, she forces both William Orwell and her daughter Carissa out of imprisonment, and had Knight Leader aid them instead of being her bodyguard for the conference. They are in standby in a naval port on the northernmost edge of Scotland, waiting for their orders.[21]

Having Kanzaki Kaori instead as her bodyguard, she arrives in front of the United Nations Building in New York City for the conference Roberto Katze called together to prepare a unified attack on GREMLIN.[22] Elizard just in time with her bodyguard Kanzaki Kaori, arousing Roberto, who says that he wants Elizard to tell him where she hired Kanzaki as he wants to add some beauty to his security team. There, Elizard tells him that she is a Saint despite her appearance, though Roberto already knows this and wishes he already has one, much to Roseline's chagrin. Kanzaki herself grimaces at the scene.[23] Then, the Russian Orthodox Church representatives arrive, Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Krans R. Tsarskiy, Vasilisa, and Sasha Kreutzev. The latter are arguing about Vasilisa having "faith" in something other than "Japanimation" and American culture, despite being a member of the Russian Orthodox Church. Sasha then says that Vasilisa should be afraid of falling victim to an inquisition for saying such things in front of the Patriarch. Krans hears this and says that he wouldn’t do it. Roberto then asks where there others are while reading a lewd magazine in front of the others. Roseline says that the French are already inside the United Nations building, the Roman Catholic representatives should arrive shortly along with the Italian Foreign Minister. Thus the meeting of the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance draw near.[23]

Roberto complains about not being able to contact Aleister Crowley of Academy City, despite knowing that the City might take the leadership of the attack on GREMLIN from the United States. However, Roberto is disturbed by the City's lack of cooperation, as it would mean that they might take their own actions against GREMLIN and would likely hinder the Alliance as well. Roberto tells them to enter the United Nations building, but is told by Roseline to close his lewd magazine and stop his erection. Roberto jokes that she could always take care of it for her, annoying Roseline to the point of hitting him on the back with her heel, much to the present Secret Service personnel's shock. Roseline's anger later forced the representatives into the building, including Roberto.

A meeting of leaders.

Out of all the members in the conference, Elizard is the most vocal of all the heads of the powers next only to Roberto. They are in a small conference room as they discuss the events related to GREMLIN that have transpired.[24] After everyone has been briefed on the fantastical topics of the current situation of GREMLIN, the lance of Gungnir, and Sargasso, Roseline speaks to summarize and clarify what they just discussed.[20]

Elizard says that she is correct and that the information comes from a spy in GREMLIN. She then says that what matter most is the creation of the lance at Sargasso as it is very dangerous. Roberto doesn't understand and compares it to a nuclear weapon. After the other state heads take turns explaining the danger of the lance of Gungnir, Elizard says that it must be stop before it is finished. Roberto then asks how they will find it, noting the extremely difficulty of such a task in such a short timeframe. Elizard says that it is not impossible, surprising Roseline. Elizard not only gives an example but confides to them that England had a secret transportation network that allowed them to fill the entire world with their magicians. Elizard comments on the Roman Catholic Church and its countless followers, assuming that the Church may have a large scale magic to utilize each member of the Church who is wearing a symbol of their Church. Pope Pietro Yogdis says that he can think of a few but has shut them all down since the dissolution of God's Right and shall never see the light of day so long as he is around. And thus it is revealed that already know the location of Sargasso, apparently waiting for a proper deliberation from all the members of the conference before making a decision. Elizard suggests the use of standard forces comprising of America, Russia, England, and France, while the magical forces however, will be led by England, Rome, Russia, and France, though requiring other countries to double duty. Hearing this, Russia and France readily agreed.[20]

Elizard then asks President Roberto Katze on how much firepower they could use. Roberto answers that since the House of Representatives is still itching for revenge over the invasion of Hawaii, he can get immediate approval from them for an attack on Sargasso. Roberto states that he can officially use the military stationed at four overseas bases in allied nations and if Sargasso is in international waters or the territorial waters of America, the European Union, or any other allied nation, he can have ballistic missiles fired in the name of having a test launch. And though he cannot use any nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, he can at least have them fill the warhead with bunker clusters. Concerns over straining of the relationships between the countries later arise after Roberto's politically dangerous suggestion, to which he concludes by saying that he'd rather have countries gaining grudges with each other for what they will do than have the world destroyed today. Krans R. Tsarskiy then asks where the Sargasso might be, to which Elizard states may be in the North Sea or the sea near Iceland.[20] And thus begins the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance attack on the North Sea Sargasso. After receiving word of the disastrous mission, the members do not have time to grief over their failure as immediately after they are forced to counter GREMLIN who has begun their move, an invasion of Tokyo.

The alliance have their work cut out for them as GREMLIN puts pressure on their enemies, distributing what people desired to gain in order to prevent their enemies to unite and defeat just like what happened against Fiamma of the Right during World War III. With this, the alliance could not launch a counteroffensive against GREMLIN quickly enough. Roberto chastises a Japanese representative over the phone, asking why they have yet to make a move against GREMLIN, demanding consent that the United States should intervene. After the representative doesn't give a satisfactory response, Roberto ends the call. Elizard says that he should've asked what Academy City intends to do, though Roberto doubts that they would've known anyway. Roseline says that the Japanese government is divided on the issue, and Academy City has made no announcement. She is amazed at GREMLIN for intentionally created this current balance of power. With the clock ticking and with the Japanese government neutered into focusing in moving their government elsewhere before taking action, Roberto deliberates on his choices. Pietro then says that Academy City will make their move soon, though he has doubts if Academy City will bother distinguishing between friend or foe. The Maiden of Versailles then says that she doubts that Academy City even completely trust them, conjecturing that they another magical group will try to attack them within the confusion caused by GREMLIN, something that is only favorable to GREMLIN itself. The Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Krans reminds them that doubts and constraints are all part of GREMLIN's attempt to buy time, and that they need to have as many people they can at least trust. However, no one agrees with his assessment as there was no time. Roberto then asks Elizard if the Anglican Church have a hotline with Academy City, as they have joined forces during World War III. Elizard points out that it was the Anglican Church's doing and the British Royal Family was barely involved. Elizard then states that the Church as well wasn't able to contact Aleister since the end of the War. Out of allies, out of options, and out of time, Roberto contemplates what they should do. His stupor is later broken by Roseline, and there Roberto gave a small smile. He says that what they should do hasn't changed, and tells them that they should make a vote. One of the people there asks if they are using democratic decision to distribute responsibility, to which Roberto says that only those who go along with their plan will become responsible. Thus the alliance finally makes their move against GREMLIN.[22]

Shifting and Fluctuating World

In the first recreation of the world by Othinus, known as the Version_Alpha world in-text, where she has changed the entire perspective of the world to make Touma into the world's enemy and thus break his spirit, the alliance formed to combat her and GREMLIN in Touma's original world is an international coalition that is set out to kill Touma. When Touma first arrives through Othinus' powers, he discovers that Tokyo has been invaded by the coalition in order to eliminate him, ravaging Japan's capital greatly with 70% of its 23 special wards destroyed.[25]

Several leaders appear in the television right after Othinus herself appears to Touma to taunt him regarding the world. She changes the channel at random to continue her torment on Touma. Queen Regnant Elizard is being interviewed, where she states that though the current situation is extremely unique, they should still fight because their honor is at stake. She refers to Touma as evil and describes his evil as something rare in their day and age as it is apparently very high. She then makes a comparison to their current antagonism to Touma as something similar to a modern day dragon slayer, and they are honored in carrying out that role.[25]

VS The World

Unbeknownst to them, Othinus has already changed the world countless times and have reverted it back to the one Touma remembers. The magic members of the international coalition, the Anglican, Roman, and the Russian Churches later try to bombard Othinus with countless shooting star-like attacks. However, Touma, who have come to understood Othinus through the countless worlds that Othinus have subjected him, negates them and saves Othinus.[26]

Immediately after stopping the international coalition's magic attack on Othinus and declaring his intention on saving her even at the cost of making the world his enemy, Touma and Othinus spirits away from the group and vanish.[3]

President Roberto Katze, Queen Elizard, Pope Pietro Yogdis, Patriarch Krans R. Tsarskiy, and the Maiden of Versailles are still in the UN Headquarters when they hear the news. Roberto receives the information through the soldiers gathered there, UAVs, and military satellites, and is shown to be worried. Krans says upon hearing the news says that Touma's actions does not fit with his previous behavior. Roberto replies that Touma has had contact with GREMLIN a few times before. Krans references the events of Hawaii, Baggage City, as well as that in Academy City, and wonders that there may be a reason on how Othinus allowed Touma to live back in Baggage City even though she has absolute power. The Maiden of Versailles cuts in the conversation, saying that it not the issue as of the moment. Elizard adds that saying Touma is innocent because they know him isn't enough now as the doubts have begun adding up, and reiterates that the only way to stop the chaos surrounding the world is to attack and eliminate the source. Elizard explains that if they don't do it, human society will soon boil over with fear of Othinus. Despite Elizard's position, she, seeing Touma's power in action many time before, knows how painful it is to know that Touma is now their enemy.

Thus, the international coalition begins mobilizing for the manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma, with the three major churches releasing the restrictions on specially sealed spells. As Elizard watches as her fellow representatives begin their preparations, she thinks that it might be better to leave the matter to "official" groups like the SAS and MI6, as she thinks extreme irregulars using supernatural power might actually give him a way out. Roberto sighs as the events unfold before his very eyes. Without much of a choice, he says that they can only continue as normal. He says that they will find the "Othinus faction" and destroy them as it is the only way to prevent society from growing any more unstable.[3]

With that, the coalition later somehow find that Touma and Othinus are in Denmark and direct their forces there. The Pope and Roman Catholic Church relieves Agnese Sanctis, Lucia, and Angelene of their positions as security for the meeting of the international coalition and have them and the rest of the Agnese Forces sent to Denmark. They are transported there by their ally the United States of America through the use of their stealth bombers, and are further bulked up by the inclusion of elites from the Russian and Anglican Church.[27] The Patriarch and the Russian Orthodox Church relieves Vasilisa and Sasha Kreutzev of their bodyguard duties for Krans and are sent to Denmark through unknown means, though it is likely they arrived with the Agnese Forces.[28]

The Queen despite her thinking that it would be better to use soldiers, later with the Anglican Church relieves Kanzaki Kaori of her bodyguard duty and has her rendezvous with Princess Carissa, William Orwell, and the Knight Leader on the Hotel Ariel just off their recent mission.[29] Likely with her blessing, she allows Index, Leivinia Birdway, and Lessar to go to Denmark as well, with Lessar in communication with their forces.[30] France also plans to mobilize their own forces as well.[31]

Finally, the President and the United States of America, not having any magicians with them, send out commandos to Denmark for Operation Norse Wind.[32] There, the coalition monitor the actions of their units from the New York.

With the other representatives, the Queen monitors the events unfold in Denmark, and likely is aware of the failure of her daughter to catch Touma and kill Othinus. She is likely present when Patriarch Krans R. Tsarskiy got knocked out when Touma reverses his Seven Deadly Sins spell on him. She and the other representatives later stare at Roberto after he willingly let both Touma and Othinus go, where he later apologizes to them and says that he is their enemy now. Apparently, Roberto meets no reprisal for this.[33]

After Roberto decides to declassify the footage of Touma's efforts to save Othinus and ask the world for forgiveness, he tells them that he will be holding an emergency press conference, asking the others what they will do. Elizard says that she will leave that to people who want to stand out in public and says she'd rather handle the internal announcement. She says that she is worried that she won't easily calm her military obsessed daughter, who was eager to be deployed, and had her mobile fortress destroyed. Roberto is amazed and asks if she isn't dead set on killing Touma and Othinus anymore. The Patriarch cuts in and asks not to tease the Queen Regnant too much. With a sigh, he then says that he will focus on reaching those people in places America's voice cannot reach. The Pope also says that he can provide assistance as well. They then turn to the representative of France, the Maiden of Versailles. She says that France never sent anyone in the first place, and as such they have no reason to struggle as well. The Queen then says that it seems one of the world's problems is how the clever have a way of going unnoticed. This later leads to a small fight between them.[31]

The Queen Regnant's speech references on how up until Touma showed them a completely different way, all they could think of was that killing Othinus was the only option. She extends her respect to Touma for choosing the path that isn't easy, overcoming anguish, doubt, fear, anger, and all sorts of other emotions to reach the answer that they couldn't. She then says that they have lost, but not to Othinus' power or to Touma's courage, they have lost to their own fear. She says that they were only obsessed with the idea that killing was the best option when the world was filled with chaos, and now that they have admitted to being losers they must carry out their duty as such. She tells of the old tales of heroes slaying dragons, where they may slay dragons but they cannot save them, and compares that to Touma's feat, as he has saved the so called "dragon", he has saved Othinus, and asks the people if it would a good deed if they were to slay the dragon now. She then says that if they have their answers, then they must pray that Touma would be able to show them a sight that they could not imagine as Touma reached an answer that not even a great hero could achieve.[34]

After witnessing Touma attempt and save Othinus, and later after the Fairy spell fully consumes her and then her into a 15 centimeter being, one of Roberto's soldiers, likely Ingrid Martin, throws a radio communication to her. Roberto says that at her current state there would be no way to keep Othinus from breaking out of an American prison, and as such there is no point in throwing her into even a maximum security prison. The Queen then cuts in and says that even if Othinus' current form and total amount of power contained have changed, she is still closer to being a magic god than human, though she has been weakened too far to ever use again. She then wonders about Othinus' lifespan in her current form, saying that since throwing her into a cell won't likely make a single difference to her, imprisonment will not accomplish anything. She then says that they need to create a new punishment that will be especially effective against her and only her. Othinus is then told that she must forever watch the world of happiness that she went as far as suicide to look away from, the greatest punishment humanity can give to her now that they have achieved victory over a magic god.[35] Thus, Othinus is subjected to an ironic fate that she had once subjected Touma to those many worlds ago.

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

During the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom and the emergence of the reproduced Golden Dawn, as the British Royal Family (except Carissa, who was still in the Tower of London) was being evacuated to Scotland, Elizard was being held under heavy restraint in the carriage by her aides and Riméa, wishing to fight the threat alongside the people of London and having to be constantly rebound to prevent her from breaking free and going on a rampage.[36]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Elizard was present at Windsor Castle during the party celebrating Coronzon's defeat and was subsequently involved in the conflict which arose due to the emergence of the other Touma.[37]

Other Appearances

Side stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test

Elizard first appears in the story as she is hearing of Cynthia Exment's recorded message to her after the destruction of the magical foundations in the Pound Economy countries. While listening on to her, Elizard analyzes the subtle sounds of what she hears over the phone in order to get information regarding Cynthia. As she does so, Cynthia boasts on how her organization has already won and that with one more move they can beat her. She says that they will overturn the history and tradition of the country for they are just mere toxins. Cynthia continues by saying that history will begin to move by dawn, and will bring the stage up to a new level, telling her that it is something that the Queen should've done. After the message ends a Royal Maid arrive in the room to inform her that the Knights of England too will be analyzing it and she should not worry about it. The Queen asks the maid if the name Cynthia Exment of the Royal Astronomical Research Organization reminds her of anything. She respond is the negative, and says that it is under the jurisdiction of the Anglican Church. The maid then tells the Queen to go to bed as it is already two in the morning, this reminds the Queen of the Pound Economy countries and asks if they know how much damage has been done, to which the maid says that the damage has been devastating.[38]

Elizard then grabs a telephone to call the British Museum. She says that since the museum has historical and valuable devices found from the world over, it can be used to rebuild and repair the lost magical foundations of the Pound Economy countries. The maid sighs and says that be that as it may, the job is still quite large and that after allocating the specialists, they can't avoid splitting off some personnel to pursue the enemy behind all that is happening.[38]

She reappears later in the story just as Itsuwa corners Cynthia, traveling to Windsor Castle as so she can use her royal bloodline to make use of the ley lines that connects the United Kingdom and the Pound Economy countries in order to rebuild their magical foundations. She then asks a Royal Maid next to her how the British Museum is doing, to which she says that they have finished their preparations as such she can begin any time. The British Museum has finished analyzing important spiritual times related to the Pound Economy, while a spell was being constructed to extract residual information from the ruined spiritual items and temples to display them as diagrams. Both of which would then be transmitted from England to Pound Economy countries through the ley lines. Elizard then asks of what the Pound Economy leaders are saying, to which they all are unanimously requesting her support. Elizard then says to hurry as she is concerned with the Roman and Russian churches having more suspicions and that the residual information are degrading over time[5] She is likely successful in her task after the Amakusa Christians, specifically Itsuwa, defeats Cynthia Exment.


Curtana Second

Elizard holding the Curtana Second

With the Curtana Second (カーテナ=セカンド Kātena Sekando?) Elizard represents the leader of the angels and empowers the knights with telesma.[19] The sword likely gives her the same effects as that of the Curtana Original, such as increased strength, endurance, speed, and near invulnerability. Moreover, it still can sever dimensions[14] and cut things even if the Curtana Original has taken much of its power.[15] Despite the tremendous power that the sword can give, Elizard avoids in fully opening Curtana Second's power.[7]

Other abilities

She is skilled on her own. She can use of the large scale magic circles placed occasionally along the road to increase a horse's power,[15] use a mass communication spell to speak to the entirety of her country,[17] and and use the spiritual items of the British Museum to rebuild the magical foundations of entire nations.[38] She is the only person in history to make use of the Union Jack spiritual item to distribute the telesma of the Curtana Original to the people of the United Kingdom and empowering them.[10]

Regarding her mass communication to the people of the United Kingdom and the distribution, Index notes that Elizard has changed both spells' properties to match the user's thoughts and had adjusted the telesma so it was in a "convenient form" that would remain stable as they used it, making it possible for normal people to use the power they had acquired to carry out the actions as they imagined them in their head. Her magical ability has is believed by Index to be even more impressive than that of hers in some ways, as the aforementioned move to weaken the Curtana Original's power was assumed to be something beyond Index's own capabilities.[10]

Character Art Design

Design Evolution

Elizard's design remains static throughout the series. Haimura did not need to design her to be moe, as such her design is much more subdued to show the "liveliness" of those who were acting as main characters in the volume she was introduced.[39]



  • (To Touma and her daughters, from Index Volume 17): "This is the United Kingdom, the nation of the queen. Why are you taking pictures leaving out the leading part!?"
  • (Regarding her daughters, from Index Volume 18): "I will admit that is one important aspect of a leader, but…why are all of my daughters at such extremes? The oldest strategizes everything and does not trust people, the second gets so caught up in fighting that she gets everything around her wrapped up in it, and the third takes others into such high consideration that she barely has opinions of her own."
  • (To Carissa, ibid): "…You are a surprisingly small woman, my daughter."
  • (To Carissa, ibid): "This is a revolution... Never before has there been a revolution on this level. Throw out the framework. Someone who wants to overthrow the current stagnated theory cannot choose that same theory for herself. If seeing a historical first move like this surprises you, then you are still bound by the thick pillars of this country."
  • (Incantation of the Union Jack, ibid): "Hear my command... Take the enormous power that resides in Curtana and those gathered by the All-English Continent which is formed by the four cultures. Take that power and release it all so that it is redistributed evenly throughout every British citizen!!"
  • (To Carissa, ibid): "This is quite the revolution, isn’t it? If you’re going to change history, you might as well make it something that enlivens all the people. No one will follow you if it only makes those with special privileges happy."
  • (To Carissa, ibid): "Your childish prank is over. I will now show you how to truly lead a country."
  • (During her speech, from NT 10): “Until now, killing Othinus was the only option we could think of, but a certain boy showed us a completely different way. As head of state, I wish to show my respect for that. It could not have been an easy path. He overcame anguish, doubt, fear, anger, and all sorts of other emotions to reach an answer that none of us could.”


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