Ellasone (エーラソーン Ērasōn?) is a magician who specializes in crafting restraints for the prisoners of the Tower of London.[1]


Ellasone is a large man wearing a cheap hooded coat. At first glance, he gives a savage impression, but an odd delicateness can be sensed in his fingertips.[1]


Not much else is known about his personality other than despite his profession he protected and eventually became a close friend to a girl named Seachel. He also felt guilty of the pleasure he felt as he enjoyed how Seachel saw him as a hero while he was benefitting from a twisted child trafficking plan. This and his sense of justice made him decide to attack the Church.[2][3]


He mainly worked in the craftsmen district of London making restraints for magical prisoners in the Tower of London. When Seachel came frequently to him via escaping, the two realized that each could add more value to each others' lives: for Seachel it was a purpose in life, for Ellasone it was improving restraints. Eventually Ellasone discovered how the Anglican Church really maintained in its recruitment through a means of human trafficking. Over years he began his own plans of taking down this means regardless of the consequences to himself.

Sometime before the events of Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki, Ellasone was contacted by Brunhild Eiktobel, and she learned the basics of his techniques to get past the security measures of the Cape of Good Hope without him noticing, with him apparently learning Norse rune magic from her.[4]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: KanzakiEdit

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Ellasone disappeared from his home in a craftsman district in London. Due to the danger posed by the possibility of his knowledge and techniques being leaked, Kanzaki Kaori was sent to purse him and either put him under her protection or capture him, depending on if his disappearance had been caused by a third party or if he had disappeared of his own free will. Kanzaki found Ellasone in a large bus terminal in London, but he managed to escape after a short scuffle thanks to his knowledge.[1]

Some time later, Ellasone launched his assault on St. Julian's Cathedral. His long time preparing the assault and analyzing the defensive spells and traps of the cathedral allowed him to easily break into the building and turn the traps on the guards.[5] Ellasone cornered the old bishop responsible for the children trafficking, and he started questioning him using restraints normally used in witch trials that would punish liars. However, before he could kill the bishop Kanzaki arrived, having dealt with the autonomous spiitual items Ellasone had set up as guards. A battle between the two magicians ensued. Unlike the first time they had fought, this was a straight battle and not a pursuit, so Ellasone was no match for the Saint and lost the battle.[3]


Ellasone is a renowned craftsman that specializes in the construction of magical restraints and a professional whose work is used to prevent magicians from escaping specialized prisons like the Tower of London. He can create restraints that provide security on the level of a cathedral, which rivals a dam in strength.[6] He's also skilled enough to interrupt and dodge attacks from a Saint like Kanzaki and avoid capture by tricking her with a bluff; something Kanzaki attributed to a specialist in sealing people's movements being also skilled in escaping from such situations.[1] Though while he can manage in a battle of chasing or fleeing, in a battle of defeat or be defeated, Ellasone can't defeat Kanzaki Kaori.[3]

During his long-planned assault of St. Julian’s Cathedral, Ellasone used his knowledge of the defense system to take over the hundreds of magical devices and equipment designed to stop intruders, using it against the cathedral's defenders by doing things like locking doors, stretching passageways infinitely and looping stairways eternally. He even created new traps in spots the guards wouldn't know to take them off guard.[5]

Spells & Spiritual ItemsEdit

  • White charms: Ellasone carries several charms made of thin cowhide bleached to the point of being white with a few silver studs. The writing on the charms most likely uses rune characters written out phonetically using the alphabet. Basically, they use Norse mythology-style spells with power from Christian cultures mixed in. Due to that, the runes are broken down into the alphabet first rather than used in their pure form. Ellasone can use the charms to forcibly alter a sword's trajectory and prevent its wielder from using the blade for a short moment[1] and to create several restraints like wires that shoot out and bind a person, gloves that constrict fingers, boots that apply pressure to shin bones, a gear breastplate that bends your back and a mouth restraint used in witch trials that only allows the wearer to speak the truth, growing in size if he or she lies just like a certain puppet's's nose. If the person continues to lie the restraint's growth would end up breaking their jaw.[3]
  • Mancatcher: A spiritual item based on the mancatcher, a polearm with pincers used to lock around a prisoner's waist in order to safely transport them. In order to create it Ellasone uses multiple white charms. He swings his arm and air is absorbed into the charms. The charms twist and in the next instant a giant stag beetle over 5 meters long made of black leather and silver armor appears. Its pincer portion has thick springs and metal fixtures attached, and it has nearly transparent leather wings which it can use to move at high speeds.[1] The beetle is capable of crushing a man's skeleton.[7]
  • Gleipnir: An autonomous interception spiritual item based on the mysterious string from Norse mythology that was used to bind Fenrir. Gleipnir is supposed to be made of materials that don't exist in the world, something that Ellasone interpreted as being made with techniques not available at the time. He used steel that had undergone complicated heat treatments to fulfill that condition. Ellasone had 30 of these items, which appeared as giant snakes glowing silver over 15 cm thick and over 5 meters long, octopuses and bats. The snakes were capable of crushing the cathedral's marble pillars by wrapping around them.[5]
  • Giant axe: A medium for the spiritual item Gleipnir. The over 2 meters long axe phases through the opponent's body, and creates the most suitable restraints for those parts of the body cut made of the same silver metal than the autonomous version of the spell. The restraints pull each other together like powerful magnets to restrain the person cut by the axe. Depending on the situation, the restraints can use such force that human flesh and joints are torn apart.[3][5]


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