Emergency Aid (即応救急 Sokuō Kyūkyū?) is a service in which civilian ambulance units are authorized to respond to 119 emergency calls.[1]


According to Shokuhou Misaki, 119 was overburdened with pointless reports, as such the Emergency Aid service was started in order to take on some of the work. Through Misaki's speculation, it is likely the organization also transports out-of-control espers that the school infirmaries can't handle as if the school doesn't call 119 then there won't be an official record of the esper being taken to the hospital.[1]

It is unknown if the service can actually detect if an esper is going out of control as Yamakawa,[1] a man claiming to be from Emergency Aid, is actually in league Mitsuari Ayu, an enemy of Misaki.


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