Emilie Fordia (エミリア=フォーディア Emiria Fōdia?) is a Magician who appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test.[1]


Emilie is described as being tall with white skin and short red hair. She wears a black leather jacket, a tight skirt and a fur scarf. She also wears her sword in a scabbard attached to her waist.[2]


Emilie is an individual who is ruthless and for the most part efficient when carrying out her mission.[1][2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission TestEdit

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Emilie was hired by Aili Hexenphobia to kill Freadia Strikers so that she wouldn't uncover the "pound economy" plot to destroy the magical foundation of England in London using a spell based on the fate of St. George.

As Freadia Strikers and a Necessarius retrieval team were transporting the defeated Dusk Waiting to Awaken and Amakusa members following the battle at Stonehenge, Emilie attacked their convoy with a ranged attack, slicing all the vehicles apart. Reporting to Aili that there were no enemy combatants remaining, Emilie went to check for Freadia but was unable to find her. Despite Aili wanting her to leave to avoid the risk of being detected, Emilie decided to continue with the mission, believing that they wouldn't be detected until the time for the enemy's next scheduled report. She then started dragging the scattered Amakusas and cabal magicians to a spot to use as hostages.[1]

Having dragged the survivors to a field, Emilie called out to Freadia, threatening to kill them one by one if she didn't show herself. When Freadia didn't show herself, Emilie declared that she would follow through with her threat, stating she had no idea know anything about their importance or relationships and telling her not to complain if the first to die was more important than a friend. After saying that, she grabbed Tsushima by the hair and dragged her out from the others. She then declared that no convenient hero would arrive, that her blade wouldn't be stopped by emotions brought on by a past story or persuasion, that she'd continue executing the hostages and there was only one way to stop it, before moving to begin.[2]

Throwing Tsushima down onto the asphalt, Emilie reached for her sword's hilt while spinning the dials with the other hand. Drawing a dark red sword out, she stabbed it into Tsushima's side and through her back, causing her to scream and flail around involuntarily. Removing the blade, Emilie returned it to the scabbard and altered the dials before drawing out a pale blue sword. She then casually lopped off one of Tsushima's legs. Returning the sword to the scabbard and setting it to neutral, Emilie thought about what to do to her next or whether she should move on to the next one. She then noticed that her target had shown herself.[2]

Emilie attacked Freadia using the same attack she used on the convoy, but Freadia held the trapezohedron that Vase coughed up against the blade of light. Using the jewel and crystal radio components, Freadia overrode the connection to the stone on Emilie's scabbard with one to the trapezohedron touching the blade, forcing the sword to take on a form related to the trapezohedron - one terrible enough that the effects of the stone which summons Nyarlathotep would count as healing. The blade erupted into a pitch-black explosion beyond control, blowing away both Emilie and Freadia.[2]


Emilie's Magic is based on the stories of swords strengthened by special stones, which have spread throughout many cultures in Europe - a piece of folklore which doesn't have a clear religious basis or a known origin. Some of these stories have a set consisting of a sword which injures and a stone which heals those injuries by applying it to the wound. The stone is sometimes attached to the hilt, sometimes removed while healing the injury, and sometimes held in a bag tied the hilt. By combining her sword with a special stone, Emilie draws out the properties of the sword corresponding to the healing stone.[2]

The dials on Emilie's scabbard contain special stones, arranged like gears to produce a specific stone, which gives the sword special properties. Spinning the dials changes the arrangement to create a stone with the desired properties and change the properties of the sword in the scabbard. The swords produced don't appear to be made of metal, more as though coloured light has been compressed into the shape of a blade. The injuries dealt by the sword can be healed by using the scabbard with the dials set to the setting which gave the sword the properties that caused the injury.[2]

  • 00000000: Returns the spiritual item to a neutral state.[2]
  • 11790045: Produces a sword of pale blue light with several streamlined tips extending from it like bat wings or flames, too large to fit in the scabbard and made to cut through things.[2]
  • 20947901: Produces a glowing dark red sword of a different shape from the scabbard, shaped like a stake meant to pass through gaps in armour rather than a blade to tear through flesh.[2]
  • Unknown setting: Produces a slicing projectile attack with a blade of light, extending 50-70 m from the user's position.[2]

According to Aili Hexenphobia, Emilie Fordia's strength with her Magic is supposedly enough to be able to wipe out a magic cabal such as the Dusk Waiting to Awaken singlehandedly.[2]


Emilie's scabbard is around 70cm long and appears as though it would hold a rapier or another one-handed sword. A set of dials resembling an eight-digit combination lock, necessary for drawing out the properties of the sword, are embedded near the opening.[2]

She also has a communication spiritual item in the form of a small clear sheet applied to the tongue.[1]


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