Engineer (エンジニア Enjinia?) (real name unknown) is a member of Blue Blood.[1]


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Engineer is apparently dedicated to Blue Blood's goal, being willing to fry a portion of his brain cells as a precaution to support it.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS3Edit

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When Blue Blood were putting their plan to infect Zero-Day Link into action, he met with Sakibasu Ryouu and gave her a memory stick containing the sole copy of the virus, having already destroyed the computer used to compile the virus so it couldn't be analyzed, before going to fry the portion of their brain cells holding information on the virus so analysis could not be done from that end.[1]


Engineer was responsible for the development of the computer virus which Blue Blood intended to use to infect Zero-Day Link and bring down the computers of the outside world, and also had access to technology capable of frying a portion of a person's brain cells, destroying any information they may have held.[1]


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