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Enirya G. Algonskaya (エニーリャ=G=アルゴヌスカヤ Enirya G Arugonusukaya?) is a shopping mall security guard, who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration.[1]


She is described as a red-headed woman in her late twenties.[1]


Her initial behavior reminded Mikoto of the frightening strict demeanor of the Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor.[1]


At some point, Enirya worked as a police inspector before quitting her job and beginning work at the shopping mall.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall DemonstrationEdit

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She first appears interrogating Misaka Mikoto after she caused a commotion with the very valuable orange. Enirya did not believe her story and thought it suspicious that an incident based on an urban legend from Academy City and someone from their coincidentally was there to resolve it. As she turned to leave Mikoto tries to warn her about the incident was not over that their might be other oranges carrying crimson long-legged army ants but, she just ignores the pleading level 5.[1]

After Misaka's escape from the integration room she discusses the practicality of trying to detain an Esper at all, while trying to determine her current location to no avail. As she thinks upon everything that had happened and all Misaka had said makes her begin to believe the incident was real but, decides to find the truth by getting all the information Misaka knows.[3]

Later she is informed about a new incident as she heads to a Hind patrol helicopter about the explosion at Nihon Daruma and can't help but, wonder if the two incidents are related.[4] Her team on rote soon finds a second snowplow with an attached with a machine gun attacking Misaka and Lessar. They temporally distract it from it's target which she notices is Misaka and fires a few warning shots at her. After Misaka triggered the detnation she dove for the nearest cover and immediately realized that is where the guards including Enirya who promptly held her at gunpoint. A second later the shock wave hit both of them and knocked them both to ground, where they resume their argument from earlier about Misaka's involvement in theses incidents which Misaka quickly points out the lack of reasoning. Then a third snowplow appears from behind a stories shutters blocking one end of a passage way while the other end a constructor blocks that end. The constructor is despached by the reappearance of Lessar, who becomes annoyed of having her name used in front of Enirya before reminding them that the constructor was about to explode. Mikoto manipulated magnetism to forcibly move the metal plate in Enirya’s bulletproof vest to move her out of the way but, gets up as Mikoto prepares to hunt down the one controlling the machines once again at gun point. Misaka made her escape as the machine gun from the snowplow forced her to take cover.[5]

Enirya later visited a store which had been broken into, with the remains of army ants and oranges, as well as remote control equipment and blood everywhere. Though her colleagues mentioned that there appeared to be evidence that supported Mikoto's testament, Enirya still suspected her. She was also wondering about the lack of a corpse or any signs of human remains, seeing as there was enough blood to suggest a murder. Thinking that the workload seemed more than could be carried out by an individual and how such movement should have been caught on surveillance, Enirya considered the possibility that someone had interfered with the surveillance system.[6]

Some time afterwards, Enirya was looking at investigation materials on a wall and thinking about how two things that should have been detected weren't - both Mikoto and the group that likely moved the body. She thought about how there were things going on that they could detect and the fact that the higher-ups probably knew things they didn't. Her colleague then informs her about a new story on the boards - a rumor concerning a nuclear bomb.[7]

When riots broke out in the shopping mall, following the modified rumor saying that Mikoto might be planning to detonate a nuclear bomb there, Enirya and her colleagues were ordered to guard the escape route for the higher-ups. Forced to hide behind a barricade made from a car model, Enirya gave orders and tries to keep the situation from getting out of hand, with little success. She was angry at what they were being ordered to do and at how many civilian deaths might occur while they were protecting the higher-ups who only cared for themselves. Learning that they were unable to contact the higher-ups, she suspected they might be doing something in secret not involving stopping the riots, leaving them to die.[2]

When asked what they should do, saying that it was their job to protect the city's peace and that she didn't quit her old job to get any favors from the old men, Enirya thought about the options which would become available if they stopped guarding the escape route and how to stop the rioters without killing any of them or without any security guards being swallowed up. She was concerned at news that rioters were nearing the gun shop area, but then surprised to learn that Mikoto was holding the rioters back and preventing the spread of weapons. Enirya then asked if there was a path they could use to get there, saying that they weren't going to help but if the rioters' focus was Mikoto's death they could use her to change the direction of the riots. She told her colleagues to look for where the rioting was strongest as she'd be there.[2]

Moving through the air ducts, Enirya eventually reached a room where Lessar was trapped in and shot away a crowbar being used by one of the rioters trying to break in through the barricaded door. She offered her hand to Lessar but after learning about the bomb she was trying to disarm, Enirya dropped down from the duct to buy her some time. While trying to stop the rioters from breaking in, Enirya contacted her colleagues to send a security unit to the other side of the door. She and Lessar then heard a sound from the other wall, which Lessar reminds her of from the incident at Nihon Daruma. A snowplow then plowed through the wall and through the door, and rioters swarm in from the holes on both sides. Both Lessar and Enirya were soon swallowed up by the rioting crowd.[2]

Suddenly, a railgun shot blasted through the remaining walls and the rioters fled to avoid the collapsing ceiling, but it was held up by magnetism. Seeing Mikoto, a weakened Enirya held her gun towards her and asks her if she is behind this incident. Pointing out that she wouldn't go out of her way to save her if that were the case, Mikoto asked if Enirya has any idea as to who was really behind this. Enirya replied that that was what she was trying to find out and was investigating everyone suspicious, before losing consciousness. When she regains consciousness, she was being treated by her colleagues in a nearby passageway and asks where Mikoto went.[2]

After being bandaged up, Enirya continued her work, observing signs that the rioters' reason was showing signs of crumbling. She received news about the rampaging wheel snake, shortly followed by the declaration of martial law. After feeling slight relief, she realized that the higher-ups were most likely not in a position where they could authorize the order. She told her colleagues to find out who and where the order came from.[8]

Learning that the authorization for martial law didn't come from the higher-ups but from a third party who now held authority instead of them, Enirya headed for a helicopter to fly to the launch facility where the signal came from. She reasoned that they did so as they were enacting a secret plan they didn't want the rioters to interfere with. A colleague showed her the result of a search which suggested a likely culprit. En route to the facility, she intercepted Mikoto's failed transmissions warning Academy City of the UAV sent to detonate the Solntse and decided she should help her. On arrival at the launch facility, she threw down a cellphone for Mikoto to use. After the UAV was shot down and Peter Wellgo captured, Enirya and the other security guards did their work and cleared Mikoto of suspicion.[9]


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