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An Esper (能力者 Nōryokusha?, lit. "Ability User") is an individual who emits AIM. The term is also used to refer to those who are enrolled in the Academy City Power Curriculum Program​, as well as magicians who are unaware of the nature of their magical abilities, and thus define them as esper-related. 


The original Japanese light novels used the term "Ability User", but before the licensing of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, the majority of the English-speaking fandom substituted it with "esper". Because its use has become widespread, this wiki uses the term "esper".

A queer event related to this is Seven Seas' English translation of the first volume of A Certain Scientific Railgun, which opted to use "psychic", a term that has been used before by the fandom until "esper" became the standard. Because of this, the English fans that were accustomed to the use of "esper" lobbied for "psychic" to be changed, and Seven Seas acquiesced, even referencing the incident later.

The term "esper" does not automatically imply ESP, one of the two classifications of powers in Academy City, as it could also refer to an ability user that does not have extrasensory perception but instead influences objects in their surroundings, referred to as Psychokinesis. Abilities such as Pyrokinesis are considered esper powers despite the user not having extrasensory perception.[1]


AIMDiffusionField AstralBuddyManga

An illustration on how Personal Reality, AIM diffusion field, and esper power interact, as depicted in the Astral Buddy manga.

Espers are described by Index as being individuals with "talent"; this most likely refers to Gemstone espers and each is unable to perform magic without injuring their body.[2] AIM is emitted by every esper; its properties are unique and depend on its emitter and their esper power. For example: the AIM emitted by a Pyrokinetic esper will act to heat up their surrounding environment.[3] Furthermore, espers have a Personal Reality; it is the basis of their esper abilities and is their capacity to substitute standard reality with their own.[4] It is in contrast to the Idol Theory of magic.

Espers are allowed only one specific esper power; Misaka Mikoto, for example, is an electromaster esper in control of phenomena associated with electromagnetism.[5] Despite this however, researchers have made attempts to produce espers with multiple powers, such as either Dual-Skill or Multi-Skill espers. Aside from the mental performance of calculations, no elaborative and preparatory rituals are required by an esper to produce effects related to their abilities.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun E01 20m 07s

Misaka Mikoto, Academy City's most famous esper.

Moreover, esper abilities are compartmentalised into two categories: Active and Passive categories. Applications of active abilities require conscious, voluntary effort, whilst the application of passive abilities require subconscious, involuntary effort. Esper abilities can be classified as being both active and passive, such as Accelerator's reflection ability.[6]

Their interference with and subsequent distortion of reality to produce detectable esper-related effects, is based on quantum theory. Their interference and distortions are isolated phenomena, pertaining only to the observations of the world based upon their Personal Reality. This is in stark contrast with holism, where a large interference with and thus distortion of the laws of the world as a whole are used to produce effects in relation to their abilities.[7]

Power Curriculum ProgramEdit

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An individual who enrolls in this program is called an esper; its purpose is to cut the individual from regular reality and through a series of experiments, drug usage and the like, that individual will be able to achieve and substitute standard reality with their own personal reality.[8] Espers are assigned ranks, which is determined based on the results they have achieved during a System Scan. It is stated that the ability of any Level 0 ranked esper has barely enough influence for them to pass the curriculum's grading examinations.[9]

Theoretically speaking, it is possible for any individual to acquire an esper ability by means of their use of the curriculum. Misaka Mikoto for example, started out as a Level 1 esper, and because of the training she received, she was able to become the 3rd ranked Level 5 esper in Academy City.[10] There are exceptions of course, such as the existence of Level 0s. Furthermore, with the Parameter List, it is apparent that the esper potential of an individual is limited by various factors. This has resulted in researchers determining that it would be wise to concentrate more on the esper development of those whose development is predicted to be of more worth to the city, and more time and resource efficient than that of another person's. 

Information regarding the students enrolled in the curriculum, such as their abilities, their level and a brief description of them, is available in the Data Banks of Academy City. Furthermore, certain espers, such as Kamijou Touma, have security protocols in place to ensure that the truth of their abilities are protected. 

According to Uiharu Kazari, the name of an esper ability, such as Electromaster or Telekinesis, is decided by the school that its owner is enrolled in. Only under specific conditions can the name of an esper ability be decided by its owner, such as the Railgun.[11] It is unknown however, as to what exact conditions an esper requires to reach in order to be able to officially name their own esper ability, though uniqueness of the ability may be a factor in doing so.

Currently, only Academy City is able to produce espers; although others have tried, such as during the Stargate Project.[12]

Gemstones and speculationEdit

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A Gemstone esper is an individual who can emit AIM without requiring participation in any power development program. Gemstones are the beings that Index likely referred to as having "talent"; the envy of their abilities from their peers is what led to the creation of magic.[2] There are currently 50 confirmed Gemstones in the world.[13]

In extension to this, it has been speculated that there may be people who have not realized that they have powers, or that their certain propensities or idiosyncrasies, as subtle as good looks or good penmanship, may actually have this power.[14]

Many Academy City students are aware of Gemstone rumors, but treat them as urban legends. This is due to many feeling that it is unfair for esper powers to be gained without having gone through the Power Curriculum Program to attain them. Currently, Sogiita Gunha, who is the strongest Gemstone, and Himegami Aisa are the only two known Gemstone's in Academy City. Kamijou Touma, as mentioned by Kumokawa Seria, does not classify as a Gemstone esper as due to his powers being unrelated to AIM; it is believed that Imagine Breaker is beyond the current understanding of Academy City researchers.[13]

List of EspersEdit

Name Ability Name Level Notes
Accelerator Accelerator 5 Second protagonist of Toaru Majutsu no Index. Main character of Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator; Ranked #1 Level 5 Esper; Former operative of GROUP. Can manipulate vectors.
Kakine Teitoku Dark Matter 5 Ranked #2 Level 5 Esper; Former leader of SCHOOL. Can create and control matter that does not exist in this universe.
Kakine Teitoku (Beetle 05) Dark Matter 5 The being that was created when Rhinoceros Beetle 05 usurped control over Kakine Teitoku's being in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06.
Misaka Mikoto Railgun 5 Main character of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun; Ranked #3 Level 5 Esper. Can create and control electricity.
Mugino Shizuri Meltdowner 5 Ranked #4 Level 5 Esper; Leader of ITEM. Can shoot a beam of electrons.
Shokuhou Misaki Mental Out 5 Ranked #5 Level 5 Esper. Can manipulate the minds of people.
Aihana Etsu Unknown 5 Ranked #6 Level 5 Esper whose identity is impersonated by many people.
Sogiita Gunha Unknown 5 Ranked #7 Level 5 Esper; Gemstone. Ability is "impossible to define", but capabilities include but are not limited to: moving past the speed of sound, enduring otherwise fatal attacks, and creating forcefields and colourful explosions.
Aizono Mio Military Oil 4 Was part of a project called White Alligator. Can manipulate oils breaking down and reconstructing them.
Kinuhata Saiai Offense Armor 4 Operative of ITEM. Can control nitrogen as a means of attack and defense.
Kirifu Megumi Telekinesis 4 Student of Tokiwadai Middle School.
Kongou Mitsuko Aero Hand 4 Can create a propulsion of wind wherever she lays her hands, which displaces objects or creates projectiles.
Kouzaku Mitori Liquid Shadow 4 Kihara Gensei's underling, ex-friend of Dolly. Can control liquids with a specific gravity of 20 or greater.
Kuroyoru Umidori Bomber Lance 4 Member of Freshmen; cyborg. Can create nitrogen lances from her hands.
Kushiro Katabira Synchrotron 4 Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability is hinted to allow the creation of large explosions from certain periodic elements.
Misaka Worst Radio Noise 4 Clone of Misaka Mikoto from the Third Season Project.
Musujime Awaki Move Point 4 Former Operative of GROUP; Once considered a potential Level 5 candidate.[citation needed] Can teleport objects without the need to touch them.
Shirai Kuroko Teleport 4 Second protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun; Member of Judgment. Can teleport herself and other objects upon touch, as long as the total teleported weight is less than 130.7 kg.
Takitsubo Rikou AIM Stalker 4 Potential Level 5 candidate; Operative of ITEM. Can track down espers, copy their abilities, and manipulate their AIM fields.
Unabara Mitsuki Telekinesis 4 Appearance used by Etzali. Can move objects from afar. Can also turn his own body into a cryogenic state of invulnerability.
Yotsuba Telepathy 4 Member of Judgment. Mentioned by Komoe as a specialist in Mind Hound-related matters.
Hokaze Junko Rampage Dress 4 Potential Level 5 candidate; Student of Tokiwadai Middle School. Manipulates electrical signals in her body cells to increase her physical and olfactory capabilities.
Yumiya Iruka Wave Conductor 4 Can freely control waves of light and sound; amplifying and concentrating them.
Awatsuki Maaya Float Dial 3 Student of Tokiwadai Middle School, and part of the swim team. Can manipulate bouyancy of herself and other objects.
Kobayashi Satori Telepathy 3 Student of Tokiwadai Middle School.
Konori Mii Clairvoyance 3 Member of Judgment. Can see through things, which is akin to X-ray vision.
Naru Psychokinesis 3 Member of Scavenger. Ability involves manipulation of paper.
Okahara Ryouta Pyrokinesis 3 Ex-user of Level Upper (anime only). Can shoot homing flames.
Saraku Unknown 3 Operative of MEMBER. Can teleport directly behind a target. Ability dubbed as "Kill Point" by Accelerator.
Sisters Radio Noise 2-3 Clones of Misaka Mikoto.
Usukinu Yasumi Side Arm/Insulation 3 Appears only in a Drama CD. Ability involves energy barriers.
Wannai Kinuho Hydro Hand 3 Student of Tokiwadai Middle School, and part of the swim team. Can manipulate water.
Haruue Erii Telepathy 2 Displays power beyond her Level class when exposed to certain frequencies.
Hitokawa Hasami Pyrokinesis 2
Jufuku Miho Dummy Check 2 Ex-user of Level Upper. Can make people less aware of her presence.
Kaitabi Hatsuya Synchrotron 2 Ex-user of Level Upper; Perpetrator of the Graviton bombings. Can create explosions by accelerating gravitons found in objects made of aluminum.
Kumokawa Maria Violence Doughnut 2 Ex-student of Kihara Kagun, younger sister of Kumokawa Seria. Can increase the centrifugal force of her attacks by 0.5 to 2 times.
Himegi Matsuri Unknown 1
Sakurazaka Fuuga Malicious Fake 1 Student of Sakugawa Middle School. Can control computers directly without using any peripherals like a keyboard or mouse.
Uiharu Kazari Thermal Hand 1 Member of Judgment. Can keep part of an object's temperature constant.
Akemi Telekinesis 0 Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability involved levitation of objects when under effect of Level Upper.
Fremea Seivelun Agitate Halation 0 Younger sister of Frenda Seivelun.
Hamazura Shiage Unknown 0 Third protagonist of Toaru Majutsu no Index; Former leader of Skill-Out; Member of ITEM.
Hattori Hanzou Unknown 0 Leader of Skill-Out.
Hebitani Tsuguo Unknown 0 Usurping leader of ex-Skill-Out group Big Spider.
Kamijou Touma Imagine Breaker 0 Main protagonist of Toaru Majutsu no Index; Any supernatural power manifestation gets cancelled by a mysterious power in his right hand. Though classified as a Level 0 Esper by Academy City, Touma is not an Esper, nor a Gemstone, as his ability does not utilise AIM principles. Originator of Kamijou Faction.
Komaba Ritoku Unknown 0 Former leader of Skill-Out.
Koujun Kikuhiko Unknown 0 Ex-user of Level Upper.
Kurozuma Wataru Unknown 0 Founder and ex-leader of ex-Skill-Out group Big Spider.
Mako Unknown 0 Ex-user of Level Upper.
Muu Unknown 0 Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability involved levitation of objects when under effect of Level Upper.
Saten Ruiko Aero Hand 0 Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability involved manipulation of wind when under effect of Level Upper.
Tamezou Unknown 0 Former member of ex-Skill-Out group Big Spider.
Trick Trick Art 0 Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability allows him to distort light, which can be used to create illusions.
Tsuchimikado Motoharu Auto-Rebirth 0 Magician and Esper; Former operative of GROUP. Ability heals all injuries (unspecified time period), but can fail at any time.
Yokosuka Unknown 0 Leader of his own Skill-Out band in District 7.
Amime Unknown Unknown Ability involves manipulation of frictional coefficients.
Anzai Telepathy Unknown Ability mentioned to involve telepathy.
Aoki Unknown Unknown Ability involves the manipulation of earth to create crags.
Aogami Pierce Unknown Unknown Student of A Certain High School; one of the Delta Force, alongside Kamijou Touma and Tsuchimikado Motoharu.
Yobou Banka Unknown Unknown Operative of SCHOOL. Can rip vehicles apart and attack with some sort of force. Ability theorized to be Level 4 and a form of telekinesis.
Tazuma Claire Unknown Unknown Gemstone and member of the Kamisato Faction with body cells more like a plant's than an animal's and capable of manipulating plants.
Edasaki Banri Telepathy Unknown Can communicate with other telepaths.
Elder Sister Flux Coat Unknown Ex-user of Level Upper. Ability allows the manipulation of the viscosity of asphalt to the point of reshaping it.
Ellis Warrior Unknown Unknown Participant in failed experiment to create a Magician-Esper hybrid twenty years ago.
Full Tuning Unknown Unknown Clone of Misaka Mikoto.
Futawa Delay Unknown
Girl in the dress Measure Heart Unknown Former operative of SCHOOL. Can regulate the perceived relationship between two targets; can set herself as a target.
Himegami Aisa Deep Blood Unknown Gemstone. Attracts and kills vampires.
Ichika Stealth Unknown
Junta (Railgun anime) Unknown Unknown Ex-user and dealer of Level Upper. Member of Elder Sister's gang.
Junta (Railgun manga) Unknown Unknown Ex-user and dealer of Level Upper.
Kazakiri Hyouka Counter Stop Unknown An aggregation of AIM diffusion fields of the entire Academy City. Key to the Imaginary Number District.
Komaki Unknown Unknown Student of Tokiwadai Middle School.
Kounoe Haruki Unknown Unknown Avid video gamer and ex-"delinquent".
Leader Predator Unknown Leader of Scavenger.
Matsuoka Raita Ion Trade Unknown Arsonist 'Fire Bug'. Can manipulate microscopic ion exchange.
Mitsumi Thermography Unknown
Miyama Shaei Unknown Unknown 4th-grade student of Matsuume Elementary School. Ability is similar to Precognition and Thoughtography.
Naoya Electromaster Unknown Can create a spark if he concentrates hard enough.
Nunotaba Shinobu Critical Unknown Ability unconfirmed but said to involve touching the target.
Sakibasu Yuri Unknown Unknown Student of Tokiwadai Middle School.
Seike Unknown Unknown Member of Scavenger. Ability involves manipulation of frictional coefficients.
Silvercross Alpha Unknown Unknown Operative of Freshmen; A cyborg who apparently displayed no ESP ability.
Tao Aqua Navigator Unknown Member of Full Course. Ability set the directionality of a specific liquid.
Tetsumou Skill Polygraph Unknown Operative of BLOCK.
Therestina Kihara Lifeline Unknown Unknown Provider of the First Sample of the Crystallized Esper Essence; Former captain of Multi-Active Rescue; Creator of Capacity Down.
Todoroki Unknown Unknown Ability involves manipulation of water particles.
Unknown Equal Speed Unknown Bank robber. Can maintain inertia of his projectiles continuously.
Yakumaru Unknown Unknown Member of Scavenger.
Yanagisako Aomi Unknown Unknown Member of Judgment; Roommate of Konori Mii.
Yamashiro Shoubu Stress Dowsing Unknown Can sense a target's malice and hostility.
Yuuri Senya Unknown Unknown Can separate her AIM Diffusion Field from her body to become a AIM thought being.